2016 Bucket List

So lately I’ve seen a lot of blog posts where people post their bucket lists and as they complete each bucket list prompt they change the colour of the writing or add a link to the completed prompt.

I’ve decided that this year I wanted to do two bucket lists; a 2016 bucket list and an ultimate (life time) bucket list.

So this is my 2016 bucket list. This list will contain buck list prompts that I want to complete/achieve before the end of 2016.

My bucket list is still ongoing. I add to this list whenever I think of something new! At the end of 2016 I will most likely make a post talking about the prompts I completed but not made posts about.

  • Meet Violet (my best friend)
  • Get a tattoo
  • Get my p’s
  • Learn to dance
  • Learn a second language
  • Get matching friendship/relationship tattoos
  • Write a book
  • Eat a pickle
  • Do more yoga
  • Eat only fruit for a month
  • Take a photo every day of the year
  • Smile at, at least one, stranger every day
  • Get matching tattoos with my mum
  • Give 100 compliments in a day
  • Send a letter to a random address
  • Leave a note in a library book
  • Cook at midnight
  • Complete the Ultimate Reading Challenge
  • Own a pair of Nike’s
  • Be drunk with my best friend
  • Save $1000
  • Have a job that I like
  • Create cards with sayings/quotes on them, leave them places where people can find them
  • Be more active
  • Drink more water
  • Go to sleep at a reasonable time
  • Start my own fruit/vegetable garden
  • Be happy
  • Give up junk food
  • Eat more green foods
  • Improve my flexibility
  • Be more positive
  • Road trip with my best friend
  • Go 24 hours without complaining
  • Start working out every day
  • Drink more tea
  • Laugh more
  • Drink 8 classes of water a day
  • Start going on long walks
  • Reach 2k on beautiiful-sooul
  • Reach 2k on shannon-fit
  • Go running every day
  • Read 100 books in a year
  • Go on a road trip with no destination
  • Have a paint fight
  • Visit a castle
  • Create a personal cookbook
  • Start a compost
  • Start recycling
  • Get a book signed by its author
  • Enter a writing contest
  • Drink only water for a week
  • Cook something from scratch
  • Write more
  • Go to a midnight movie premiere
  • Finish reading TFIOS
  • Dance more often
  • Go to a book signing
  • Get fit
  • Give to a charity
  • Be able to do gymnastics
  • Grow my hair longer
  • Be comfortable in my own skin
  • Start doing more creative activities
  • Own cacti
  • Own a Venus fly trap
  • Start journaling again
  • See Sam Smith live
  • See Sam Hunt live
  • Own Hannah Hart’s book
  • Find a passion
  • Learn to cook
  • Learn fluent sign language
  • Learn self defense
  • Have clear skin
  • Find a four leaf clover
  • Become vegan
  • Meet Johnny Depp
  • Play spin the bottle (I have a boring life, I know)
  • Dye my hair, again
  • Visit a museum
  • Take a train somewhere
  • Stay in a hotel alone
  • Learn to roller skate
  • Order room service
  • Go ice skating
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo
  • Take a bubble bath with champagne or wine
  • Bury a time capsule
  • Be comfortable with driving
  • Give blood
  • Get a caricature done of myself
  • Become an organ donor
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Plant a tree
  • Get my nose pierced
  • Get my lip pierced (specifically spider bites)
  • Get my industrial re-pierced
  • Read 50 of the greatest books ever written
  • Be able to do the “scorpion” yoga pose

What are some things at you’d like to achieve this year?


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