BC Week 1 – 5 Ways To Win My Heart

This one was a difficult one. I didn’t really know of anything that one person could “do” to instantly win my heart. But, after a lot (like a lot) of thinking I managed to think of 5 things.

If you all under one (or all) of the 5 things I’ve listed there’s a really high possibility that we could be amazing friends!

1. Passions
There’s a good chance that I will instantly fall in love with you if you tell me about your passions. The look on someone’s face and the tone in their voice when they are talking about something they love is something I will forever love.

I think it’s one of the most beautiful things someone can witness.

2. Scary Movies
If you are a big fan of scary movies there’s a really high chance that we will connect really well. Horror movies are my most favourite thing in the world. Other than tea and sleep of course!

3. Travel
I’m pretty sure everyone loves travelling. Surely everyone’s done it at least once in their lives. Travelling, to me, is such a calming and relaxing task. It’s adventurous and exciting. You can travel as much or as little as you’d like too. Everyone’s travel experiences are different, but we can still relate to each other.

There’s a bunch of places I’d love to travel too. Starting with Australia, obviously. If anyone’s willing to be my travel buddy I’d be up for that. We can travel to wherever you’d like. Just as long as you can put up with me for hours lol.

Anyways, so the reason I put travel as one of my points is because I believe everyone needs to travel with someone once in their life. If someone loves travelling (specifically road trips) as much as I do, I probably already love you tbh.

4. Writing.
Writing is a huge part of my life. I write whenever and wherever I can. I aspire to be a writer. This point kind of ties into the previous one, as I would like to road trip from Melbourne to Brisbane, stopping in random places along the way to write about my experiences.

Writing is something I will always love and cherish, whether that be in the form of books or movie plots. If you enjoy writing and reading we would make great friends.

5. Respect
Initially I wasn’t going to put this as one of my points, but I think it needs to be. No matter how old you are; what your religion is; what race your are or whether you’re male or female, if you can’t respect yourself or others I already don’t like you.

I don’t believe in the saying “respecting your elders”. Why? Because not every one older than you deserves respect. And just because people are younger than you doesn’t mean you should expect them to respect you, especially if you can’t respect them back.

People need to respect everyone, not just their elders. People also need to realize that age, race, religion and gender do NOT affect how someone treats you or how you should treat others.

The moral of this point; if you respect me, I’ll respect you. If we can do that, we will get along just fine.


So those are 5 ways you can “win” my heart. They’re not really ways you can “win my heart” per say, but they’re things I strongly believe in/am passionate about. They were the only things I could think of for this challenge.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog challenge!

What are some ways to win your heart? I’d love to know!


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