BC Week 4 – Write About Your Closest Friends

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.”
– Hubert H. Humphrey

My friends. I have one. Her name is Violet.

Well if you’re speaking close friends. I have two, but I’m not sure if my other friend wants to be put on the internet, so for the sake of this post, I won’t be mentioning her. However, she is still one of my close friends.

I left school around three months ago, and ever since leaving I haven’t seen or talked to any of the people I called my friends during school. So I don’t consider them my friends anymore. People always said that some people are only your friends because you were forced to see them five times a week. I never believed this was true until I left school.

Anyways, Violet and I have always had our ups and downs, as every friendship does. It’s a normal thing. You grow stronger after said arguments and disagreements. It’s better to talk about your issues and problems rather than trying to ignore them or taking your anger and sadness out on someone who most likely doesn’t deserve it. And sometimes it’s okay to take a break from the world, including your friends, to get yourself back in shape.

I, myself, took a few months away from social media accounts (mainly the ones I talked to my friends on, like Facebook and Snapchat. I still used Twitter for blog purposes). When I came back to talking to everyone I was so much happier and calmer. I didn’t feel the want to take me anger out on everyone. I didn’t feel much anger at all really.

Now, back to this post. Violet is the most amazing person I’ve ever met if I’m honest. She’s taught me so many things, both about her, the world and myself. I’ve learnt so many things just by being her friend. If I could go back to the first time we started talking I wouldn’t change anything for the world. The only thing I would change is the distance. But even the distance between us has proven how strong friendships can really be. If you want something you fight for it.

Anyways, this is Violet, best friend. And I absolutely love her to pieces!

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”
― Bob Marley

Comment something you love about your friends.


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