Ultimate Movie Challenge

As some of you may know I have talked about the ultimate reading challenge and I did make two of my own reading challenge lists. I also love movies so I thought I’d make an ultimate movie challenge. And who doesn’t like movies? Everyone likes movies!

This challenge is the same as my two reading ones. If you’d like a more in depth description, check out my crime/mystery reading challenge!

  1. A 2015 best seller
  2. A 2016 movie you want to see
  3. A movie set in the medieval times
  4. A Disney movie
  5. A movie by your favourite director
  6. An ma rated movie
  7. A movie featuring Johnny Depp
  8. A romantic comedy
  9. A movie that has won multiple awards.
  10. A war movie
  11. A movie featuring an actor you dislike
  12. A movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio
  13. A foreign movie
  14. A movie you started but never finished
  15. A 60’s movie
  16. A movie with a male antagonist
  17. A movie you watched in high school
  18. A movie featuring an actress you dislike
  19. Your favourite movie as a child
  20. A movie recommended by a family member
  21. A scary movie
  22. A black and white movie
  23. A move based on a true story
  24. A movie you’ve never heard of before
  25. A musical
  26. A prequel
  27. A movie you’ve always wanted to watch
  28. An m rated movie
  29. A movie set in your home country
  30. A movie with a number in the title
  31. A movie with only one word as it’s title
  32. A movie that isn’t in your native language
  33. A silent movie
  34. A political movie
  35. A comedy
  36. A short film
  37. A parody
  38. A LGBTQ+ movie
  39. A movie over 180 minutes
  40. A 90’s movie
  41. A movie featuring your favourite actress
  42. A movie with a female antagonist
  43. A movie under 80 minutes
  44. An underrated movie
  45. A sports movie
  46. A movie based on a book
  47. A 50’s movie
  48. A pixar movie
  49. A documentary
  50. A movie set in a place you want to visit
  51. An animated movie
  52. A family movie
  53. An overrated movie
  54. The last movie you seen in cinemas
  55. A g rated movie
  56. A movie featuring your favourite actor
  57. A movie that makes you happy
  58. A Christmas movie
  59. A movie that changed your opinion about something
  60. A movie you don’t like
  61. The first movie you seen in cinemas
  62. A movie that has made you cry
  63. A movie with a supernatural (non human) antagonist
  64. A movie about travelling
  65. An action/adventure movie
  66. A movie about success
  67. A pg rated movie
  68. A movie you were forced to see
  69. An 80’s movie
  70. A movie with a male protagonist
  71. A terrible movie you love
  72. A good movie with a bad ending
  73. A movie with commentary
  74. A movie from your favourite genre
  75. A movie with talking animals
  76. A move set in the 1700’s
  77. A movie set on an island
  78. A superhero movie
  79. A movie remake
  80. A 70’s movie
  81. A fantasy movie
  82. A movie you don’t like
  83. Another Disney movie
  84. The first movie you owned on VHS
  85. A movie with a soundtrack you like
  86. A movie from your teenage years
  87. A movie you wish you played a part in
  88. A movie featuring the Olsen twins
  89. A movie you’ll never get board of watching
  90. A movie that confused you
  91. A not so kid friendly kid’s movie
  92. A survival movie
  93. A movie with your favourite villain
  94. A movie you could watch on repeat
  95. A drama movie
  96. A movie with a female protagonist
  97. A trilogy
  98. A movie that’s so bad, it’s good
  99. A romantic movie
  100. Your favourite movie

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