BC Week 8 – My Future

For anyone who doesn’t want to go back to my original post this weeks question was “What you hope your future will be like.”

Ahh, my future. Such an amazing thing to think about. I think about my future quite often, more than I used to anyway. I never used to know what I wanted my future to consist of. When I still went to school I was asked daily what I wanted to do in my future, who I wanted to be, where I wanted to be and why. As children were expected to grow up and instantly know what we want in life, within our last year of high school.

But me, I never knew. I jumped between dreams. There were times when I wanted to be a dancer, an interior designer, a writer. I never knew for certain what I wanted to do, but I always knew I never wanted an office job.

Within the last year (ever since leaving school) I’ve started thinking about my future, it’s such an exciting thing to think about, to plan for. You can turn your future into whatever you desire.

(*Hannah Montana voice*) Life’s what you make it.

I hope for my future to be filled with joy and happiness. To be surrounded with people I love and care about. There’s obviously certain things that I want in the near future. Things like buying my first car, moving to Melbourne, perusing my dream career (whatever that may be). But the main things I want in my future are to be happy, healthy and able to support myself.

A lot of my goals are listed in my ultimate bucket list post, a few will always stand out. For example, in the near future (say, within the next 5 years) I hope to achieve the following;
Publish a book
Keep making regular blog posts, possibly more than one post a week (maybe more blog challenges)
And move to Melbourne.

I’m not sure if anything I just said will make sense to any of you, but it makes sense to me lol.

Comment down below something you want to achieve in the future!




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