BC Week 9 – How Important Is Education?

A lot of people may disagree with what I am about to say bur I really don’t know any other way to talk about this topic!

I believe education is one of the most important things people need throughout their lives. However, I do not believe education should be forced. If someone doesn’t want to learn, don’t make them. If your child doesn’t want to go to school, do not forced them too. It’s only going to make them hate it more. Obviously I’m talking about when your child is in a year they can leave (year 10+).

Before you leave nasty comments, let me explain. Let me tell you about my experiences.

School for me, was absolute hell. I never had any “friends” and teachers were never helpful or nice. This started getting really bad around year 10, possibly the end of year 9 (I have other stories about the previous 4 years before that, but they’re a completely different problem). I was always in arguments and fights with the people I would “hang out” with. I never once felt welcomed in their group. I ignored it at first, telling myself it was just how school worked, everyone goes through it.

However towards the end of year 10 I started to realize that this isn’t how you’re meant to be treated at school. By students or teachers. All throughout year 10 and all of year 11 (until I left) there was this one teacher who would constantly pick on me and a friend of mine. She would do absolutely everything to make sure we knew she hated us. And it only got worse as the years progressed.

She was the worst teacher of them all but there were others. Most of the teachers at my school had a “if you don’t get 100% you’re not worth it” mentality. If we didn’t get over 90% on a test/exam or we needed help with something we were seen as if we either didn’t try hard enough, we didn’t care or we were just stupid. Teachers wouldn’t help us, they would just complain about how we weren’t studying hard enough.

For me, it got to such a horrible point where I’d have panic attacks if I had to go to school. I would lie and make excuses in order to stay home. Through all this, I still got above average grades. I ended up being first in three of the six classes I was taking before I left.

The week before I left I had one of the worst panic attacks I’ve ever had (to this day). That’s what made me conclude that I was leaving. And when I left, everyone treated me like I was on a lower level to them. I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to learn. I liked school, until everyone started treating each other like the dirt on the bottom of their shoes.

I got so scared that I would fail at everything I ever tried, because that’s what I was told. I was constantly told I wasn’t good enough.

So that’s why I don’t believe in forcing your kids to go to school.

Since leaving school I have decided I still want to learn, I want to teach myself different things. And I have been. There are certain things I wish I had learnt in school which I now teach myself. Like writing skills, languages, mental health. I also plan to take part in Tafe and online courses.

I will always believe education is a very important thing. Always go about learning the way that you want. Via a way that makes you happy to want to learn, not miserable and scared.

This weeks blog post was incredibly personal. I hope everyone understands that talking about my past schooling experience is hard for me and I don’t plan to do it again for a long time (yes, I have other experiences (worse (in my opinion)) that involve students rather than teachers).

Stay tuned for next week’s challenge!


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