BC Week 11 – The Last Movie I Saw In Cinemas

First of all, Happy Birthday me! 🎉🎈


This weeks blog challenge is to talk about the last movie I seen in cinemas. I haven’t been to the cinema in a while (we don’t have one where I live).

I know I keep switching the rules and prompts of this Blog Challenge. Rules were made to be broken! Anyway, because I haven’t been to the cinemas in so long I can’t actually remember what the last movie I seen in cinemas was so I thought I’d list a few (or a lot) movies I want to see in cinemas and why!

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
At first I wasn’t interested in this movie but the trailer got me really hooked on seeing it. I’m in love with when this movie was set. I really enjoy movies that are set in the 18th and 19th centuries. And I’m a sucker for zombie movies, good or bad.

Dirty Grandpa
Zac Efron. No other reason needed.

The Lady In The Van
I seen the trailer to this movie a few days ago and honestly all I did was laugh. I’m not a huge fan of comedy movies but this one I will definitely watch. I love British movies and Maggie Smith is an amazing actress. Also, it’s based on a true story. I’ve always loved true story movies.

10 Cloverfield Lane
I actually first seen this trailer a few hours ago. It was an ad to a YouTube video. At first I was confused by the trailer, however it was a very interesting trailer to watch. I don’t really know much about this movie as I’ve only seen the trailer once, and that was a few hours ago. But I would definitely see this movie at like 12am on a Friday night.

I haven’t actually seen the trailer but apparently this is the third movie in The Ring movie franchise. I’ve seen the first two, and although they’re not my favourite horror movies, I’ll definitely see this one. I absolutely love horror movies and I watch all of them. Terrible or not.

I really want to start watching more horror movies in cinemas too.

It’s one of my favourite Roald Dahl stories. It’s actually the book I chose to follow the “a book that’s becoming a movie this year” prompt in my Ultimate Reading Challenge book choices. And the trailer is so damn beautiful.

The Jungle Book
I don’t really have a specific reason to see this movie. But it’s The Jungle Book, so of course I’m going to see it! And it’s the non animation version. I will admit that some of the animals from the trailer scared the crap out of me, but I’m still going to see it. It looks incredibly well made.

The Forest
This movie seems incredibly interesting to me. I love the mystery type horror movies. And as I’ve said before, it’s a horror movie. I’m gonna end up seeing it.

Alice Through the Looking Glass
Not gonna lie, I actually really liked the Tim Burton, Alice In Wonderland movie. I actually seen it in cinemas, with two of my friends, on my 11th (yes, I was 11 in 2010) birthday. I think I’d like this movie. Regardless of that, I’ll probably watch it anyway, Johnny Depp’s in it. Any movie with Johnny Depp in it I can watch, except Pirates of the Caribbean which is kinda weird. I’ve never really been interested in them tbh. Anyways, moving on.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
Zac Efron, again. And Selena Gomez. No other reasons needed.

Cabin Fever
It’s a horror movie. I haven’t actually seen the original Cabin Fever movie. I’ve been meaning to watch it, but I’ve just never got around to it. I’ll definitely end up watching it before I see this rendition though!

Finding Dory
It’s the sequel to Finding Nemo. If you’re not going to watch it, you’re crazy. And Ellen DeGeneres plays Dory, again!

I’m obsessed with crime movies, like OBSESSED. I think I have an unhealthy obsession with crime movies. And Ryan Reynolds is in it. I really don’t have another reason to why I want to see this.

The Girl On The Train
I’m not sure why there are so many movies titled “The Girl On The Train” but they’re all really interesting to me. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned thriller/horror movies are my favourite genre. Of which, I really like the mystery type thrillers (pretty sure I mentioned that before too).

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
I just recently heard about this book being turned into a movie. I read the first book in the trilogy earlier this year so I know what happens. I’m quite intrigued to see how they interpret the book into a movie.

It’s a Disney movie, I’m going to see it no matter what. I like the idea of a Hawaiian princess. I seen the photo Dwayne Johnson put up on instagram a while ago and the girl who plays the princess is so beautiful!

Before I Wake
Not gonna lie, I didn’t know this movie even existed until I seen it’s IMDB page when I was looking at the newest (/to be released) horror movies (I do that a lot actually). I know nothing about the movie other than what IMDB says and the IMDB page says enough to make me want to watch it.

*The following movies are said to be released in 2017*

Beauty and the Beast
Because Emma Watson (😍). And Disney.

Death House
I read the description (“A secret government facility becomes ground zero for the most horrific prison break in the history of mankind.”) of its IMDB page and it sounds really, really interesting so it’s going on this list!

Cars 3
Because childhood.

And last but not least The Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4
I know these movies aren’t said to be released until 2018 and 2019, but I need them it on this list because I will definitely be seeing both of them!

Which movie/s are you looking forward to seeing in cinemas in the next few years?


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