BC Week 12 – 5 Weird Things I Do

At first I thought the only things on this list were going to be odd food combinations but it turns out I do a lot of weird things and not all of them are related to food.

1. Vegemite And Avocado On Toast
Okay, so I had to have at least one food combination. If you like Vegemite and avocados then you’ll probably like this combination. Its actually really good!

2. Wearing Headphones Without Listing To Music
I tend to put headphones in whenever I’m concentrating on something (whether that be making blog posts or reading a book) most of the time they’re not plugged into anything.

3. Looking At Celebrity Styles & Picturing Myself Wearing That
I tend to do this a lot with Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and (sensible) Miley Cyrus. I really like their styles.

4. Thinking “Wow, That Would Make A Great Story Line”
I do this way too much. Like if I’m on tumblr, listening to music or just out in public and I overhear people talking. I write them all down, however I never actually turn them into stories.

5. Rainbow Coloured Pencils
I own A LOT of those “adult” colouring books and I use them quite regularly. I upload some of the ones I do to my second instagram! Anyways, when I’m colouring in I always, always, have to have my coloured pencils ordered in a rainbow kind of fashion. It’s easier to find the colours you need and to see how many you have.

What’s something weird that you do?


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