BC Week 14 – My Siblings

This weeks blog post may not be that exciting and I apologize for that.

I only have one sibling, a sister. Her name is Brooke. She is 3 years younger that I am. We both look alike, except she’s taller than me.


I didn’t really know what to do for this post so I thought I’d do the sibling tag and list some facts about my sister and myself.

Sibling Tag!
I slightly edited these questions but you can find the original set of questions on FromHeadToToe.com 

How old are you both?
Shannon: 17
Brooke: 14

Describe each other in one word?
Shannon: Messy
Brooke: Anti-social

Do people ever get you mixed up?
Shannon: I get called Brooke sometimes
Brooke: One teacher at school, but that’s it

What is something that annoys you about one another?
Shannon: She’s the messiest person you will ever meet
Brooke: When she loves the cat too much. She does this weird lip biting thing.

What is it like being sisters with a blogger?
Brooke: Weird but I don’t really care

Do you ever argue?
Shannon: All the time
Brooke: Yeah

What’s the best thing about one another?
Shannon: She can draw things for me
Brooke: Her hair and eyes

Fave inside joke?
I don’t think we actually have any

Fave memory together?
Shannon: Melbourne when we were little
Brooke: When we had to share a room

Full sisters/half/step?
Shannon: Full
Brooke: Full

Guess each others fave singer?
Shannon: Ariana Grande
Brooke: Shannon Noll

My favourite singer is Pierce The Veil or Selena Gomez and my sister doesn’t have one

Who takes longer to get ready?
Shannon: Brooke
Brooke: Me

Heels or flats?

Shannon: Flats
Brooke: Flats

Pants or dresses?

Shannon: Pants
Brooke: Pants

Favorite animal?

Shannon: Elephant and giraffe
Brooke: Elephant

If your house was burning down, and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save?
Shannon: If pets are included in family then probably my computer or as many books as I could carry
Brooke: My electronics

Comedy, horror, or chick-flick?
Shannon: Horror
Brooke: None, sci-fi

Blackberry or iPhone?

Shannon: iPhone
Brooke: iPhone

Favorite movie?
Shannon: Silence Of The Lambs
Brooke: Don’t have one

What is something weird that you eat?
Shannon: Vegemite and avocado on toast
Brooke: Ice cream and french fries

Do you guys have anything matching?
Shannon: We both have the same sweatpants
Brooke: We used to have the same pillow pet

What’s your favorite TV show?
Shannon: Criminal Minds
Brooke: Doctor Who and The Simpsons


1. Our birthdays are six days apart (19th and 25th) 😏

2. We both wear glasses full time.

3. Both my sister and I were a year younger than the majority of people in our school grade. We both started school when we were 4 turning 5, everyone else started when they were 5 turning 6 (meaning we would both graduate high school at 17).

4. We are the only two kids in our generation (we have no first cousins). Our dad is an only child and our mum’s brothers don’t have kids.

5. Our last name stopped at us. Relating back to the previous fact, our dads an only child that means our last name stopped at him because we’re both girls (that is, unless we choose to keep our last names after marriage).

6. We’re both interested in jobs that help others.

7. We both watch Pretty Little Lairs, Vampire Diaries and Good Mythical Morning like they’re a ritual.

8. We’re both scared of spiders.

9. We both enjoy cooking. However, Brooke is better at it than me.

10. We have the same favourite colour; mint green.

What do you love about your sibling/s?

Here’s some photos of my sister and I. Ignore all the random snapchat captions lol.



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