My Piercings

Before I start this post, I know not everyone likes piercings (or tattoos). If you don’t, feel free to exit this post, I’m not forcing you to continue reading.

Also, I am aware that the feature image for this post is the same as my “nose piercing” post.

BLOOD WARNING – If blood makes you feel uneasy please be aware that two of the photos in this post have blood in them. 


I’ve never seen a blog post on piercings or tattoos but I really do love watching all the piercing and tattoo videos on YouTube . I’ve always wanted to make a blog post about all my piercings so here it is!

I currently have 5 piercings in. However I’ve had 9 piercings. I’m going to be talking about each piercing in chronological order. I’ll talk about things like how much it costs, when I got them, how old I was and how much it hurt. I’ll also talk about the other few piercings I’d like to get in the future.

The first piercing I ever got was my lobes. I got these done around April-May of 2013, when I was 14. There was a weird rule with my mum, she didn’t get her lobes pierced until she was 14 so I wasn’t allowed to get mine done until I was 14 either.

I got these done at the hair dressers (bad idea).  There were only two places where I live that do piercings and both places only did lobe piercings. The chick who did my lobes also did my sisters the same day. And long story short, she didn’t have a clue what she was doing and both my sisters and my piercings got infected within a week of having them. She caught the skin beside both my sister and I’s ears when she was piercing us.

To get both ears done it was $30 and I’d rate the pain around a 4/10. This was because they got infected and she caught my skin.

*cue cringeworthy instagram filter 😖* – My hairs a mess here (it was after school) but you can clearly see where she got my skin.
Ipod Photos 515.JPG

The second piercing I got was my cartilage on my right ear. I also got this done by the same person who did my lobes, on the same day. And she did it with a gun (I was 14, I didn’t know it was bad for your ear). My cartilage, despite my lobes getting infected, healed perfectly fine. Which was probably because I never touched it.

Both my sister and I continuously touched our lobe piercings because the chick who pierced them told us we had to turn the jewelry regularly. I was extremely uneducated about piercings when I was 14. Let’s just say  I never went back to that hairdressers.

This piercing was $15 and I’d rate the pain a 2/10.


The next piercing I got was my industrial. I got this done on September 21st, 2013 when I was 14. The guy who pierced my ear, pierced my industrial as two separate piercings and gave me the bar separately (I still have the bar). The initial piercing didn’t hurt, I didn’t feel it at all actually. I first noticed the pain when he stopped midway (with two needles in my ear) to talk to my mum.

Unfortunately one of those piercings got infected. It was the one closest to the top of my ear, where my glasses rest (you can see that it’s quite bruised in the third photo below). I believe that’s why it got infected. It was constantly being pushed on by my glasses. I also believe it got worse because I didn’t take it out sooner. The piercer never told us that you had to actually cut them out so I was worrying for weeks until the pressure got so much that my mum had to cut it.

The other piercing healed fine and I wore normal jewelry in it until recently. I’ve recently taken it out so it will close up, because I really want my industrial re-done.

The piercings was $110, this was because I had them done as two separate piercings and I got the bar as well. Usually industrial’s were $80 at that place. I’d rate the initial pain around a 3/10 but the healing process for the one that got infected was awful, maybe a 6/10.

053048008 (2)

The next piercing I got was my lobes, re-done. I got them done mid June 2015, I was 16. I got them done at a different place this time. I went to the only other place in my town that did piercings. The lady who pierced my lobes then did it amazingly. They healed perfectly.

These were also $30. I’d rate the pain a 2/10, it’s just a prick and that’s it. I also don’t have any photos, sorry.

The next piercing I got was my tongue. I got this done less then a month after my lobes were redone. July 10th, 2015 to be specific. I was still 16. The initial pain for this piercing was absolutely nothing. I didn’t even know he had pierced my tongue until he had told me it was finished.

The healing process however, I wouldn’t say that it hurt, it  was more uncomfortable than it was painful. I was getting used to a metal bar being in my tongue. It was like I had to learn how to eat and talk again. I’d rate the initial piercing a 1/10 and the healing process a 4/10.

My tongue was $50, all the piercings at the place I went to were $50.

039 (3).JPG001 (5).JPG009.JPG

The next, and final, piercing I have some of you may know about and that’s my nose. I got my nose pierced earlier this year (January 14th, 2016), I was 16. I got asked whether I wanted a stud or a ring and I chose a ring (they’re a lot easier to deal with during the healing process).

The pain for my nose I’d rate about a 4/10. My eyes did water. This is the only piercing I’ve actually felt while it was happening. Every other piercing I didn’t notice until after it was done. The healing process for my nose was amazing. It’s been 3 months and I haven’t had any problems with it.

I went to the same place I got my tongue at so my nose was also $50.


The three piercings (well five, kinda) I’m considering getting next are my septum, my industrial redone (I’m letting my left cartilage piercing close up so I can get it redone) and spider bites (two lip piercings). These probably won’t be for a few months, maybe a year, as I want to focus on getting tattoos now. I may or may not change my mind in the future though.

If there are any questions I didn’t answer in this post feel free to comment below and I’ll answer them when I can!


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