BC Week 15 – 15 Facts About Me

I had to think about these for a while. It took me a few days to come up with all of these. I wanted these facts to be interesting rather than just listing all my favourite things. Anyways, enjoy these interesting (or weird) facts about me.

1. I’ve needed glasses ever since I was 7. I initially had them for reading and writing only but I didn’t wear them for the first two years, so now I need them full time.

2. Simmone Mackinnon has the same birthday as me. She’d played Stevie on McLeod’s Daughters, which, to this day, is still one of my favourite tv shows.

3. I can quote almost every episode of the first 6 seasons of Criminal Minds. Don’t ask.

4. I can also quote Silence Of The Lambs. It’s my all-time favourite movie.

5. Movies make me cry. If you name a movie that I’ve seen chances are I’ve cried during it at least once. No matter what the genre (excluding horror/thriller) is I will find a reason to cry when watching it. I’m the same with tv shows, although the tv shows I watch usually contain a lot of death and sadness.

6. I collect key rings (usually from when I visit places, but I do own some novelty ones), “adult” colouring books and phone cases.

7. I write down all of my dreams. Yes, every single one of them. If I can’t remember parts from one I’ll make it up. Sometimes I even turn my dreams into short stories.

8. I own more tea than I can drink.

9. I am absolutely petrified of clowns and spiders. Seeing either one of them gives me anxiety and sometimes panic attacks.

10. I don’t like my last name. I don’t use it on social media because I don’t like it but also because I started getting social media accounts (twitter and facebook) when I was 11/12/13 and my parents didn’t want me using my last name, so I didn’t.

11. I’ve been vegetarian for 2 years (considering veganism). No I don’t push my lifestyle on others, if you respect my choices, I’ll respect yours.

12. I’ve never tasted alcohol or smoked a cigarette. Although I’m only 17, I’m putting this down as a fact because nearly all my friends have had alcohol and cigarettes before. Most of my friends drink often.

13. I never watch the last few episodes of a tv show I’ve been invested in. I hate the thought of it ending so I tend to stop watching them before their finale. There are only 4 tv shows (I think) I’ve actually fully completed watching.

14. I’m scared to drive. However, I do have my learners licence (in Australia you take a theory test to get your learners).

15. I really want a Birman cat and a Pomsky.

So yeah, there’s 15 interesting facts about myself. What’s one interesting fact about yourself?


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