Dying My Hair – Bucket List

After completing this bucket list I realized it would have been more interesting if I were to have taken photos of the process as it was happening. Unfortunately I didn’t think of that at the time. But If I end up getting my hair professionally dyed I’ll be sure to get pictures of that!

Anyways, so a few weeks ago I used one of those semi permanent hair dyes to see what my hair would have looked like if it were a brown to pink ombré (as I’ve always wanted to go pink).


Around October of 2014 I had my hair professionally (if that’s what you want to call it) dyed blue and purple. My hair was a very awful brown to blue to purple ombré which ultimately lasted about a week (so much for permanent). Because I got this the tips of my hair were still an awful blonde colour as they had been bleached for the blue and purple. I know for certain I’m never going back to that place if I get my hair dyed again.



Recently I’ve been really into experimenting with dying my hair. Of course I’ve been using temporary hair dye. I use the 8 wash hair dyes. I really want to permanently die my hair but I’m still unsure what colour I want or what colour I suit best.

Below is what my hair looked like after it was dyed like the above picture and before I started experimenting with temporary dyes.


A few months ago I dyed the ends of my hair pink which I actually really liked. I didn’t really take many pictures of this.


After I dyed the ends of my hair pink I left it for a few weeks before deciding I wanted to dye it again. Dying my hair is quite a lengthy process as my hair is naturally a dark brown. At first I thought about lightening it before hand but decided not to in case I didn’t like how it turned out. I would have been left with blonde/bleached hair when the dye washed out.

So on Thursday and Friday I dyed my hair again. On Thursday I dyed it pink and purple. I dyed the ends pink and the rest of my hair purple. It was kind of half half. You can see the pink but none of the purple.


So on Friday I went back and got more colours. This time I got purple, blue and red. Now you can really notice the purple. You can’t see the blue at all. My hair kind of looks like a mix of the pinks and purples. I actually really, really like it. The camera really doesn’t show how purple my hair actually is.


Below is a photo comparison from when I first dyed it on Thursday and when I re-dyed it on Friday. 

So that the process of me dying my hair. Hopefully I’ll end up getting it permanently dyed sometime later this year!


3 thoughts on “Dying My Hair – Bucket List

  1. atkokosplace says:

    I dyed my daughters hair blue (you can see a photo of it on my instagram). “It’s just hair”, is her motto. She has dark brown hair. And gorgeous hair too. We used manic panic and I would touch it up every 4-6 weeks. When the color would fade, we just saw it as a new hair color and just had fun with it. It was teal for a while and green (picture a mermaid colors). What was neat about her color was she had varied shades of said color and it looked amazing. I love that you aren’t afraid to have fun with your hair. I love the pink on you!

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