Tattoos I’d Like To Get

Last week I talked about all the piercings I have and the three (five?) that I want, this week I want to talk about the tattoos I want.

Again, before I start this post, I know not everyone likes tattoos (or piercings). If you don’t, feel free to exit this post, I’m not forcing you to continue reading.


As of April 19th, 2015 I do not have any tattoos (yes, it’s legal for me to get a tattoo (with parent permission) at 17). I plan on getting a lot (yeah, a lot) of tattoos in my near future. Yes, I am aware that might change seeing as I’m only seventeen. But I’ve always wanted tattoos and I would never get something tattooed on my body that I wasn’t comfortable with.

Anyways I thought I would share with you guys some of the tattoos I’d like to get. Some of these have significant meanings, others not so much. I won’t be staring the meanings of each one but I will state if they have a meaning or not. I might do that in a later post when I actually have the tattoos.

At the top of this list will be the tattoos that have the most significant meanings (they’re also the ones I plan to get within the net two years). After those it’ll just be in random order.

What I Want: Star sign constellation (??)
Placement: Right wrist
Meaning: Yes
I’m not sure if these are actually a constellation, but I found this post a while back that stated they were some sort of star sign constellations and I really fell in love with mine. I actually shared this post on my twitter and instagram a while back.



What I Want: “Lottle”
Placement: Right pinkie
Meaning: Yes
I don’t have a picture to show for this one as it is a custom one. But basically what I want is the word “Lottle” on the inside of my right pinkie. I haven’t yet chosen (or even looked for) a font yet.

What I Want: Semicolon (;)
Placement: Right wrist
Meaning: Yes

What I Want: chicken
Placement: undecided
Meaning: yes
I also want this one to be custom but here are some similar tattoos/drawings to what I want. This one isn’t 100% decided yet. Yes, I do know one of those images is an owl. The type of design that the owl is, is kinda what I want but a chicken rather than an owl.

What I Want: Equals sign (=)
Placement: Left middle finger
Meaning: Yeah

What I Want: Mandala 
Placement: Left cubital fossa (where your arm bends; the opposite side of your elbow)
Meaning: Nope

What I Want: Elephant
Placement: Undecided
Meaning: No

What I Want: Mandala
Placement: Underboob
Meaning: No

What I Want: Viking symbol for luck
Placement: Undecided
Meaning: Yes

What I Want: Glyphs for express, explore, create and friends
Placement: Right wrist
Meaning: Yes

What I Want: Mind Over Matter
Placement: Forearm
Meaning: Yeah

Are there any tattoos you’d like to get in the future?


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