“To Be Read” Jar

A few days ago I found this picture (below) on Pinterest. It shows a jar filled with folded pieces of coloured paper. I liked the idea and wanted to create my own. Now I am 100% sure that other people have done this before, but I wanted to do it also, so I am!

The supplies I used for my TBR Jar were:
– Coloured Card in 6 colours (light pink, dark pink, purple, blue, green and yellow)
– A Jar
– My TBR List

I allocated each genre to a different colour card. For example all the horror books that I want to read are blue and all the mystery books are green. The genres I chose were horror/thriller, mystery, crime, romance, young adult/children’s and true story.

Also in this list I’ve limited every series to one card, so that way I don’t accidently draw the second or third book in a series. For example for the Harry Potter series you’d just write “Harry Potter” on one card instead of writing every book on a card each.


After finishing writing down all of the books and taking the pictures you just looked at I added another two genres; fantasy/science fiction (red) and adventure (orange) and changed the green genre to true story and LGBT. I also ended up buying another jar and separating the cards into both, that way it wasn’t as cramped and I could easily grab a card when I need to.

What’s your favourite book?


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