BC week 18 – Dream Jobs

If I could have any occupation of my choosing what would it be? Better yet, what are the top five occupations I would choose and why?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
– Confucius

Below is a list of 5 (actually 6) dream jobs I would choose. If I could do all of these things, I would.

Writing has been a pretty big part of my life for a while now. I’m writing whenever and wherever I can. I haven’t completed anything yet as I often think of new ideas. I have around 50-60 documents that I’ve either started (and written around 4-5 paragraphs) or that contain a random story plot.

Interior Designer/Set Designer
I find myself admiring the main houses on most of the tv shows (e.g Melinda and Jim’s house on Ghost Whisperer, The Salvatore Boarding House on Vampire Diaries and Drovers Run on McLeod’s Daughters) and wondering what it would be like to live there, how I would change things and what I would’ve done with the space provided. This makes me interested in what it would be like to have a career where you design/decorate living spaces or movie/tv show sets.

Dancing and dancers have always fascinated me. When I was younger I used to take dancing classes, until my dance teacher moved away. If I had the time to get back into doing dancing classes I would definitely give it another try.

Foster Parent
For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted kids, however I’m not so fond on the whole marriage thing. I know of stories about how awful some (NOT all) adoption agencies and foster homes can be. I’ve always loved the idea of adopting children or fostering kids until they get adopted.

Substance Abuse Counselor
Throughout my life I’ve always been interested in mental health, helping people and addictions. I’ve dealt with addictions in the past, it took me a long time to get past them and from then on I decided I never wanted anyone to go though that and I would help anyone going thought a similar situation if I could.

Criminal Profiler 
Criminal Minds is one of my all time favourite shows. I’ve always found it interesting how each member of the BAU team works together to figure out the psychology and behavior behind each serial killer. I always wondered what it would be like to be a criminal profiler.

What is your dream job?



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