BC Week 19 – 5 Items I Lust After

First of all, I think of the word lust in a sexual way, and obviously there are things I lust after however I’m not exactly comfortable will telling those things to the entire world. Other people see lust a something you have a strong and passionate desire for. So, for the purpose of this weeks blog post I am going to be talking about lust as if it’s definition is “something I have a strong and passionate desire for.”

This blog post was similar to week 12’s blog challenge (5 weird things I do) as I really couldn’t think of 5 things I lust over. But after a very long thinking session I managed to think of five items I lust after.

1. Adventure And Travel
This one may sound like an extreme cliche but it’s true. I lust travel and adventure. Ever since I was little all I was ever sure about was wanting to travel the world. One day I hope I can fulfill that dream.

2. City Life
I’m not even sure if this can be a “real” thing but I really, really love the idea of living in the city. Having an apartment. Having cute little plants in my house. Have a small, but spacious home. Living by myself. Having my own space. Being in close proximity to shopping malls. Using public transport (minus trams/v-lines) and walking places. I could go on forever.

3. Tattoos
For a long time tattoos have fascinated me. The idea of having a piece of art tattooed on your body forever is mesmerizing. Tattoos mean something different to everyone. Tattoos can mean one thing to you and something completely different to someone else.

4. Workout Clothes
If you’re in to fitness at all then you probably know how expensive good quality workout clothes can be. I really like the idea of having an entire wardrobe filled exclusively with work out clothes and Nike shoes.

5. In Home Library
This is definitely one of my must haves for my future house (eventually obviously). I find myself looking at photos of peoples in home libraries all the time. I absolutely love the idea of having your own personal library in the comfort of your own home.

What is something you lust after/desire?


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