BC Week 20 – Something I Always Think “What If” About

My first thought regarding this post was “do I really want to write a blog post about every what if I’ve ever thought of?” I then proceeded to recite a list of every what if I’ve ever thought about. And all these what if’s were awful. They were things like “what if I did this better?” or “what if things happened like this instead?”

My immediate reaction is to think of every bad thing that has happened to me and how things would be different if said things never happened.

But then I proceeded to think about it more. That’s when all the amazing and wonderful what if’s came into play. Like “what if I started a YouTube channel?” and “what if I moved to Melbourne?”

Then I really started to think about things. Like “what if the world ran out of bees?” and “what if guns didn’t exist?”

The reason I’m mentioning this is because I see what if’s in three stages. The good, the bad and reality. And that’s how I thought I’d set out this week’s blog challenge. Blow are my 9 most commonly thought about what if’s. Arranged into three categories.

Also, instead of just saying the what if’s I’ve decided to also say why I think about said what if. That way I can explain why I think about said things.


The Bad

“What if I was skinny?”
For years, this has been at the top of my what if list. It’s something I’ve always thought about, it’s something I’ll probably always continue to think about. However, recently I have started acting on this what if. It’s becoming a reality rather than a what if.

“What if I didn’t wear glasses?”
Ever since I’ve had to wear glasses I’ve hated them. They’re honestly the biggest pain. As a child I could never wear headbands because my glasses would always push the headband into my head. They’ve also prevented me from getting my industrial re-pierced. And you can’t lay on your side comfortably with them on.

“What if I was more confident?”
This one is similar to the first what if. It’s one I think about a lot. I feel like I could do a lot more with myself and my life if I had more confidence. Confidence, to me, is something that I need to work on a lot just to have a little confidence. Confidence, which usually doesn’t last that long. I’ve always been a very self conscious person, it’s just something I’ve learned to deal with.

There are times where I do wish I had more self confidence so I would be able to do the things I really want too.


Other what if’s I think about a lot are what if I stayed in school and what if I can’t have kids.

The Good

“What if I lived somewhere else?”
This is also something I think about a lot. I think about this because of where I live and how small the town I live in is. I think about how things would have been different growing up but also how things could be different in the future if I did get to move where I want too.

“What if I could drive?”
Some of you may know by now that driving terrifies me. I can’t drive. Part of me wants too, but the other part of me never want’s to get behind the wheel of a car. I always wonder what it’d be like if I could just learn how to drive rather than think about all the bad things that could come out of it.

I think about all the good things driving could bring me more often than I do the bad and that’s why I’m adding this what if to the good category rather than the bad.

“What if I had superpowers?”
I’m not a big superhero person but I must admit, I think it’d be pretty damn amazing if everyone had one superpower that was unique/useful to them. Not necessarily the big things like time travel, shape shifting, flying, super strength, etc, etc. Instead, things like being able to calculate math problems in your head (like Matilda), super senses, being able to record your dreams, being able to speak all languages fluently, understand/being able to talk to animals and night vision.

However, time travel and shape shifting would be pretty awesome superpowers to have.


“What if bees went extinct?”
The thought of this really scares me. Bees are such amazing creatures. They help our environment is so many ways and we’re taking advantage of them. This topic could be talked about so much more. I feel like this comes under the same category as fish in the ocean. At the rate we’re going in a few years were not going to have any fish or bees left.

It saddens me really.

“What if same sex marriage was legal in Australia?”
Australia really needs to hurry it’s shit up with this one. It angers me that people who have been together for years can’t get married because they’re the same gender but celebrities can get married for as little as a week and that’s perfectly fine.

I’m going to stop talking about this topic before I really start ranting.

“What if there was no negativity in the world?”
This topic is something I debate about frequently. I know that if we didn’t have any negativity we wouldn’t know what positivity was or how to deal with it because that wold become the normal. But I also don’t understand why there’s needs to be so much negativity and so many bad things. Especially all the bad things that happen to such amazing people. That’s one thing I don’t think I will ever understand.

What’s something you always think what if about?


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