BC Week 21 – My Favourite Subject To Study & Why?

When I was in school I hated all of my subjects. The reason I didn’t like them wasn’t because of the subject itself, it was because of the teacher and people in the class. For the majority of my schooling life I remember liking most of my subjects, until it got to the point where the people in the class (and sometimes the teacher) made it so unbearable that I would purposely skip said class or not even turn up at school.

I used to do all my math and English work at home because I couldn’t stand being in either of those classes. I absolutely hated my geography and history teachers. So much that I wouldn’t turn up at school whenever I had a double or I’d leave whenever that class was on and come back for my other classes.

Anyways, I’ll stop talking about that now. Time to actually answer this weeks blog challenge prompt.

I don’t have a favourite subject that I enjoy studying. I have multiple. I actually really enjoy the process of learning something new. That’s why I still study math and other subjects even though I’m no longer in school.

My top 5 favourite subjects to study are;
Language (atm I’m learning French)
Psychology (and criminology)
and mental health

I know that mental health and psychology do come under the same type of subject but I’m putting them down separately as I study them as two separate subjects.

Now, for the reasons these are my favourite subjects!

I enjoy learning about numbers. I also study math because it helps with things I’m going to need in the near future like taxes, car payments, house loans, etc.

I also find math to be very therapeutic when you’re not rushing to work out the answer to a question.

I want to be a writer so liking this subject is kind of a must. However, I have always liked English. It was always one of my favourites as a child.

When I was in like grade 7 and 8 I would actually write stories in every class I had (including English). I did it so often I’d forget to pay attention to the class I was actually in. My math teacher threatened to take the books I wrote them in off me if I didn’t start paying more attention in class.

The reason I say language and not one specific language is because I want to learn more than one language in the future. I’m currently teaching myself French. After French, I want to learn Italian. I also want to learn Spanish, Japanese, sign language and so many more.

Languages fascinate me so much.

Psychology (and criminology)
The reason why I’ve put “and criminology” in brackets is because the part of psychology that interests my most is criminal psychology. I like the idea of what criminal profilers do in their field of work. That may or may not be because my favourite tv show is Criminal Minds, I’m not sure. All I know is that the reasoning behind why people commit certain crimes fascinates me.

Mental Health
For a long time I’ve thought about going into a career that works with and around the mental health of others. I’ve always wanted to help people with mental illnesses, whether that be bringing awareness to said causes or to help individuals with how they feel about mental illnesses.

It saddens me that in today’s world we still don’t recognize mental illnesses for what they are. Nor do we try and help or support people with mental illnesses.

So those are my top 5 favourite subjects to study and why! What’s your favourite subject to study and why?


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