BC Week 22 – How I’ve Changed

This weeks challenge: how have I changed in the last two years?

I’m a firm believer that people change often. That people are constantly changing who they are, even if they don’t notice it. Sometimes it’s for the good, other times not so much. But I strongly believe that people can and do change. I believe in the saying “the past is the past” because that’s exactly what it is, it’s already happened so there’s no point in trying to change it.

Some people can grow out of old habits and go different ways. Some times it takes people longer than others to grow up and realize that their actions won’t get them very far. And other times people never realize it.

I’ve changed a lot in the last two years.

Two years ago I was 15. I was in my tenth year of school. I hated school. I was surrounded by people who belittled me and didn’t care about the person I was. I hated everything to do with school. All I wanted was to start over and move somewhere else. Part of me still wants that and another part of me know that what happened in high school doesn’t matter anymore, it never really did.

Two years ago I took everything for granted. I never cared or cared to notice how lucky I was. I wanted everything, at all times. It took me a while to finally grow up. And I know I still have growing up to do, but the majority of when I finally woke up to reality and how life really was happened within the last two (maybe three) years.

One of the most important things that I did was stop caring so much. I realized that no matter what I was doing someone wasn’t going to like it so what was the point in changing my ways when I was only changing it for someone else to hate what I was doing?

I learnt that people really do NOT care what you look like. If you make it obvious that you have flaws or are insecure about a certain thing about you, then yes, of course people are doing to notice. Why? Because you brought attention to it. If you don’t bring attention to your insecurities and flaws, no one’s going to notice.

Also, within the last two years I really started blogging and writing more.

I could go so much deeper (that’s what he said) into this question but I feel like that would bore most of you so I’ll leave it here!

Are you happy with the person you’re becoming?

Random Quote About Change.jpg


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