BC Week 25 – People Who Fascinate Me

I look up to a lot of people – a lot of people fascinate/inspire me for a very wide range of reasons. Instead of choosing and focusing on one person for this post I’ve decided to pick a few people that fascinate/inspire me for different reasons.

So here are some of the people that fascinate/inspire me and why!

Selena Gomez
Of course Selena fascinates me. She’s an amazing person. Selena is definitely one of my role models. I love how down to earth and humble she is. She truly is one of a kind.

Carina (run-like-a-zombie)
Carina runs the fitness blog run-like-a-zombie. She inspires me to really achieve my goals and never give up, no matter how hard it gets. Carina fascinates me because she, like many others I know, has gone through the same weight loss struggle that I am.

(I couldn’t pick one photo so here’s two)

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa’s style fascinates me. I’m absolutely in love with her style. Her and Ashley Tisdale are my style icons!

Stephen King
I want to be a writer, specifically a horror/thriller writer. Stephen King is probably the most well know horror writer. His books are amazing. I hope to one day have written a horror novel, King is my motivation to do so.

Exploring With Josh
The horror genre has been my favourite since I can remember and ever since I was like 11 I’ve always wanted to explore abandoned places. Abandoned places are such a fascinating thing to learn about. Josh is one of the four members in a group that calls them the Exploring Crew. They travel all over the United States and the world, exploring abandoned places. While documenting their travels on their YouTube channels.

Josh (and other crew members) fascinate me because they’re doing what they love for a living, and they get paid for it. Every day they get to travel to different towns to explore different places. 


YouTubers like Zoella, Tanya Burr & Fleur De Force
Personally I’m not a fan of beauty YouTubers but the reason I have mentioned these three YouTubers in specific is because they’ve all came out with their own brand. Although they’re all make up collections, people like this fascinate me because they’ve done something I’ve always dreamed of; have my own line or collection of product. And although I don’t want a line or collection  that’s a beauty related product, I would like to have my own line or collection of some kind.

Who fascinates/inspires you?


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