BC Week 28 – Dinner Party

If you could invite 10 people, dead or alive, to dinner who would you invite and what would the menu be?

Okay, so the people I would invite to my (not so great) dinner party are;

My best friend – She’s my best friend, of course she’s coming

Selena Gomez – Obviously

Audrey Hepburn – Because I look up to her and I’ve always wanted to meet her.

Marilyn Monroe – Same with Audrey.

The Zodiac Killer – This one is kinda strange, I know, but let me explain; in one of Rob Dyke’s Q&A videos he was asked which 5 people he would have for dinner and why. And two of his answers were Jack The Ripper and H. H. Holmes because he wanted to know who Jack The Ripper was and what was running through H. H. Holmes mind. These answers led me to think about the Zodiac Killer. I’s really like to know who the Zodiac Killer was, and what the cryptic messages said. I actually really like the movie Zodiac (with Robert Downey Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal), it’s one of my favourites, which is also why I’d choose the Zodiac Killer over anyone else.

Andy Biersack – I just really like him, and his voice.

Kellin Quinn – Because Sleeping With Sirens introduced me to lyrical music which is how I got through some really horrible times in my life. The reason I’m only mentioning Kellin and not the other members is to enable for more people (guests?) at my dinner party.

Leighton Meester – At first I was going to put Blair Waldorf down (to spice things up) but I decided to go with Leighton instead. I absolutely love Leighton. Her acting is amazing and her voice is incredible. And she’s hella pretty.

Angelina Jolie – Bc she’s the most gorgeous human being I’ve ever seen, ever

Robin Williams – Robin Williams was such a beautiful human being. I wish I could have met him before he passed.


I honestly have no idea what I’d have for a menu. I’d probably have a range of options for everyone based on what they eat. I would probably have multiple different types of food for each meal (appetizers, main, dessert, etc) so everyone could choose what they wanted. That way everyone would be satisfied with the types of food they’re receiving.

Who would you invite to a dinner party at your house?


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