BC Week 29 – Meeting My Best Friend

What is something that I am excited for? Meeting my best friend.

I’m excited for a lot of things like getting my licence, travelling to Melbourne, turning 18 and moving out of home. But the thing that I am definitely the most excited for is finally meeting my best friend.

It’s been three years in the making and as each day passes I get more and more excited to the person I’ve been talking to for the past three years.

I’m not going to talk about how we met because I already have a blog post about it, you can view it here!

This is Violet, my beautiful best friend

Violet and I met back in June of 2013, we’ve been talking ever since. We had had our ups and downs as every friendship does, even more so when distance plays a huge part. Violet and I stopped talking towards end of 2015. Neither of us were in the right mindset at that point in our lives. Things were getting extremely difficult for the both of us and we didn’t know what to do. We said some nasty things to each other then stopped talking. We didn’t start talking again until around the beginning of April 2016. But once we started talking again we went straight back to how things were. Of course we never forgot about what had happened, but we acknowledged that it was the past and it couldn’t be changed.

I’ve wanted to meet Violet ever since I met her, but being 14, it’s not the easiest thing to get up and travel 600 kilometers. It’s still hard to do so today. Neither of us have jobs or our licences which are two of the things that play a huge part in why we haven’t met yet. If we started talking when we were in our twenties I guarantee we could have met the second we started talking. Same with where we live, if we lived closer we would have already met.

Anyways, the day I finally meet my best friend will be one of the most amazing days of my life, I can guarantee it. After I get my licence it’s the first thing I’m doing.

So, I’m excited to meet my best friend. What are you excited for?


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