Blog Challenge 2

Last week I posted the final blog challenge related post. I enjoyed participating in this challenge so much that I’ve decided to do a second one. So starting next week I’ll be participating in another blog challenge.

The challenge I’ve decided to participate in is the 52 week blog challenge (picture below). Some of the prompts are similar to the ones from the first challenge I did, so for any posts like that I will make them as different as I can or I will use my own prompt.

I skimmed over the prompts and by the look of some of them this challenge was made to be started at the beginning of the year so some of the prompts (like my new year goals) won’t be posted during the “correct” time period because I’m starting this challenge in August not January.

Also for this blog challenge and probably any future blog challenges I won’t be stating “BC Week *” in the titles of any of the blog posts!

52weekblogchallenge.jpgI’m not sure where this picture originated but if anyone knows please tell me!

See you all next Saturday for the first post in this challenge!


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