My Best Friend

I’ve talked about my best friend in a fair few posts in the past to be honest. But the first blog post prompt for my second blog challenge is to talk about her again, so let’s do it.

Violet, as a lot of you may know, lives way too far away from me for my liking, but soon enough that won’t be an issue. I’ve always wanted to move to and live in Melbourne when I’m older. I’ve wanted that for a while, even before Violet and I became friends. But ever since Violet and I became friends it’s made me want to move to Melbourne even more. I actually found a reason to move to Melbourne that was valid enough for my parents to believe that I really wanted it.

Anyways, the reasons I’m mentioning Violet being so far away from me is because at the beginning of October it’s finally going to happen, I’m finally meeting my best friend (hopefully, if it works out).

My family and I have planned a mini holiday type thing to Albury since like January last year. Originally we were meant to go in January of this year, then July, then September and finally October. Hopefully these dates are final and we don’t have to postpone any longer.

Anyways, this is about all I’m going to say in this post because I’ve mentioned and talked about Violet in so many other posts before. So if you’d like to know more about Violet and I and our friendship you can view this post or this post, or you can check out the blog we have together here!

Meet my beautiful best friend (I wish I had a picture of the two of us together to put here, but as of yet, I don’t 😔).
012 (2).PNG

What do you love about your best friend?


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