August Favourites

This weeks blog challenge was to talk about my favourite things. I have way too many favourite things so I thought I’d talk about some of the things I’ve been loving this month, instead of talking about my all time favourites (bc we’d be here until next century if I did that).

The Shallows
Blake Lively is one of my favourite people ever and I’m honestly so excited to see this movie.

Technically this movie was released in cinemas yesterday (for Australia anyways) and I haven’t actually seen it yet (bc there’s no cinemas where I live (bs I know)) but ever since it’s initial release and the trailer releases I’ve wanted to watch it ever since. I’m not sure if I’ll get around to watching it in August but nonetheless it’s still been one of my favourite movies I’ve been looking forward to watching this month.

Creative Journals
Recently I’ve been really into completing creative journals. for example; Wreck This Journal (and other Keri Smith books), Anti Journal, and Create This Book. I’m also really starting to get into completing pages in my smashbooks.
2016-07-31 0092016-07-31 018

Guava Sparkling Drink
This drink is basically sugar only (43.2g) but I found it at the post office earlier this month and I absolutely love it.


Fitbit Live Activity Tracker
At the end of July I really started using FitBit’s activity tracking feature, where you can live track a walk or run you take. It’s extremely helpful for recording where you were walking, your speed, the kilometres (miles) and calories burned.
July 31st Walk - EditedJuly 31st Walk - StatsJuly 31st Walk - Impact


Pokémon Go
Ever since I downloaded Pokemon Go I’ve been addicted to it. If I’m honest, I’m not a big fan of Pokémon. I was recommended the app by a friend who said it was great for getting you motivated o get up and walk around. And boy were they right. I’ve been so much more active since getting the app. It’s also hella fun to catch the Pokémon, especially new ones you haven’t seen before.

If I lived in the city (or a town bigger than the one I currently live in) I would be out and about so much more. It’s hard when there’s only a certain amount of Poké stops and gyms in your area. I’m very familiar with all the Pokéstops around, seeing as there’s only like 12 in my town.

What are your favourites this month?


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