My Favourite YouTubers

Ever since I found out about YouTube I’ve been watching YouTubers like it was my religion. The type of YouTubers I watch has changed a lot in the last few months, it has also grown significantly. Because of that I thought I would do a blog post listing some of my favourite YouTubers!

Note: This list excludes celebrity YouTube channels and music channels (like celeb vevo accounts). This list is in alphabetical order, not favourite order! I’ve also left out any second (and third) channels of popular YouTubers (MoreZoella for example).

Alex G
Alex posts covers and original songs on YouTube. She has a music style that I like a lot. One of my favourite songs of hers is Lighthouse (featuring Danielle Bennett).

Alexa Golden
Alexa posts a little bit of everything. She posts beauty and makeup related videos, also organisation and back to school type videos and other lifestyle videos!

Alexa Losey
Alexa was actually one of the first YouTubers I ever subscribed to. She posts lifestyle videos, fashion videos, makeup videos, routine videos and other similar videos.

A YouTube account that post lists videos of all categories.

Ally Hardesty
I found Ally’s channel a few months ago and was in love with her content ever since. She posts mainly storytime videos but also a variety of other topics.

Amanda Faye
A lifestyle channel, posting about beauty and makeup related posts.

Amanda Steele
Also, one of the first people I ever subscribed to. Amanda’s channel is mainly makeup and beauty type videos. But she always posts vlogs and other lifestyle videos.

If you’re not subscribed to Phil, what’re you doing with your life?

Andrea Russet
Andrea posts a little bit of everything. She posts lifestyle videos, makeup tutorials, reaction videos, storytimes and a bunch more.

Anna Campbell
Anna is a mental health related channel. She posts informing videos on mental health and mental illnesses. She also posts storytimes and other helpful videos.

Arden Rose
Arden posts mainly lifestyle videos. Makeup tutorials, routines, beauty stuff, and vlogs.

AsapScience is a channel dedicated to all things science.

Bad Lip Reading
A channel purely dedicated to bad lip reading. Seriously, check them out. Their videos are amazing and hilarious.

Baylee Jae
Baylee’s YouTube channel is about all things art. From drawings to marker collections.

Cassey Ho runs this fitness and health related channel. She posts a multitude of workouts and recipe/food videos.

Bonny Rebecca
Bonny’s channel is also a fitness/food related channel. Bonny posts a lot of “what I eat in a day” videos and many vlogs about her life.

Boy Epic
Another music channel. Boy Epic posts covers with intricate videos to match and also a variety of his own music with very well made music videos.

Brianne is an Australian YouTuber who posts a lot of comedy videos and videos around the Australian topic.

Brizzy Voices
Anna Brisbin is a voice artist who posts videos doing impressions and other voice type videos.

Cammie Scott
Cammie posts a variety of videos. From beauty and makeup, to vegan food taste tests, to fun games with her friends.

Chelsea is an Australian YouTuber who posts lifestyle, makeup and humor videos.

CinemaSins is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing videos that go into great detail about many films (mainly what’s wrong with them).

Claudia Sulewski
Claudia posts tutorials, get ready with me’s, beauty, makeup and organisation videos. As well as videos with her friends.

Cloe Couture
Cloe posts a lot of lifestyle, makeup, beauty and humour videos.

Connie Talbot
Connie posts covers to music and occasionally her own songs!

Connor Franta
Everyone knows who Connor is.

Conor Maynard
Conor is a musician who posts a lot of covers but he also posts a variety of other videos with his family and friends.

Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband is a YouTube channel dedicated to retelling true scary stories.

Frank makes a lot of videos reacting to other videos, vine compliations and compliations.

Crazy Russian Hacker
A YouTube channel dedicated to teaching you all the best life hacks!

Another YouTube channel dedicated to telling all sorts of creepy true stories!

Yet another true story telling YouTube channel.

Cutie Pie Marzia
Marzia posts lifestyle, makeup and beauty videos. And other cute videos.

D at Sea
This music account posts a lot of covers and original songs.

Dang Matt Smith
Matt posts a lot of omegle and chatroulette videos. As well as reaction videos and other humour related videos.

Danielle Peazer
Danielle posts tag videos, lifestyle videos and fitness/health videos.

Like I said with Phil, if you’re not subscribed to Dan, what’re you doing?

David So Comedy
David posts comedy, lifestyle, food and rant videos.

Daz Games
Daz runs a gaming and reaction YouTube channel.

Doddle Oddle
Dodie posts a variety of music-related videos. Whether that be covers, original songs or just a musical update.

Emma Monden
Emma is a lifestyle, makeup and beauty YouTuber.

Emma Books
Emma is a bookuber, who posts all kinds of videos relating to books and authors!

Epic Rap Battles 
This channel provides epic rap battles between people of history and today’s society.

Evan Edinger
Evan posts a multitude of videos, 99% of which contain at least 7 puns.

Exploring With
This is a YouTube group consisting of 4 members; Cody, John, Josh and Steve. They are urban explorers who uploads videos of the places they visit and explore, also including information about the places they visit.

This channel focusing on healthy vegan meals and easy to make meals.

Like Buzzfeed, but with Irish people instead.

Tasha is a lifestyle, makeup, beauty, clothing YouTuber.

FLuffee Talks
A channel dedicated to all the stupid in this world.

Fun 2 Draw
A channel dedicated to drawing the most amazing things.

Glam & Gore
A makeup and special fx channel dedicated to both the glam and gore side of special fx makeup.

Good Mythical Morning
A daily talk show by Rhett & Link

Goot Music
A music channel filled with both covers and originals.

Grace Helbig
Just watch her.

A channel with a little bit of everything. Product trials, makeup tutorials, beauty videos and a bunch more.

Gretchen + Lucy
A vlog channel detailing the lives of two twins.

Natalia is an Australian YouTuber who runs a lifestyle and humour blog.

Olana runs a channel completely dedicated to everything makeup and beauty.

Lily runs a channel that has a multitude of different videos. Humour, beauty, makeup, lifestyle, music, parody.

Ingrid Nilsen
A lifestyle, beauty and makeup YouTuber posting tutorials, what’s in my-, collections and more.

Jack Septic Eye
An all round amazing gamer.

A comedy channel that posts a range of videos. Including “yesterday, I asked you” and “your grammar sucks”.

Jamie’s World
YouTuber channel for Facebook sensation Jamie Curry.

Jenna Moreci
A writer who posts videos all about writing and being an author.

Jenna Marbles
Amazing YouTuber who posts all kind of comedy videos.

Jesse The Reader
Another booktuber.

Jessi Smiles
A storytime YouTuber who has hilarious stories to tell.

Joe Santagato
A channel similar to FLuffeeTalks, Joe posts about all the stupid people in the world and topics he finds amusing.

Joel Eli
An Australian YouTuber who posts food taste tests and reaction to food from many different places.

Jonathan Young
A music YouTuber with a twist. Jonathan pop punk posts covers to mainstream song.

Just Kidding News & Just Kidding Party
These two channels are run by the same people. Just Kidding News is a channel that uploads multiple videos daily. They give their honest opinions on recent news stories. And Just Kidding Party is their main channel where they play games and do challenges!

Kalel posts a range of videos, from vlogs, to organisation, to makeup and beauty tutorials.

Kane Foster
An Australian YouTuber who posts a bit of everything.

Katrin Berndt
A Swedish YouTuber who vlogs, posts makeup and beauty tutorials, tattoo and Piercings videos and other lifestyle videos.

KBaby (and OKBaby)
Kira posts beauty and makeup videos but also videos about her life as a teen mum. She also has a vlog channel that she runs with her boyfriend, Oscar and their son, Levi.

A music channel dedicated to posting pop punk music, and covers of songs.

Kurt Hugo Schneider
A musician who post music with a bunch of different people and many different instruments.

A YouTuber who posts reviews of movies and tv shows, and aldo draws digitally.

Luke is a YouTuber who posts a bit of everything, from music to humour.

Run by Alexys Fleming, this channel consists of body painting and makeup tutorials. She also has her own store where she sells body painting tools.

Madilyn Bailey
Another musician who posts her own original songs as well as covers.

Marcus Butler
Marcus posts a range of videos. From health and fitness, to comedy, and music.

Marcus Dibble
A YouTuber who challenges people to roast him. And reacts to viral internet videos.

Another amazing gamer

Matt Steffanina
A choreographer and dancer who post him and others dancing to current pop songs.

Matthew Santoro
A YouTube channel dedicated to telling you to most interesting, bizarre and funny facts.

A musician who posts covers and original songs.

Mike Tompkins
A musician who does covers of songs using only his voice to sing and imitate instruments.

Mikey Bolts
A voice impressionist who posts a range of videos where he impersonates many tv show and movie characters.

Moriah Elizabeth
A YouTuber who dedicates her channel to art type videos.

Mr. Nightmare
Another channel dedicated to retelling scary, true stories.

Musical Bethan
A musician who posts covers and original songs.

My Green Cow
Run by Daisy, this channel is dedicated to everything stationary and crafty. From subscription unboxing to journal sessions.

Nibbles Official
This is a channel dedicated to piercing and tattoo videos, and also vlogs.

A comedy channel that posts many different videos, from dare videos to parody videos.

A YouTuber obsessed with everything Disney. Connie, posts everything Disney and more.

A YouTuber who posts many videos. From collabs with her friends and family, to story times.

Olivia Cara
A story time YouTuber

Paint (or PaintChips)
A YouTuber who posts unique (and amazing) music related videos.

Pellek Official
A musician who posts pop punk covers of mainstream songs, Disney songs and anime music.

People Be Like
A comedy channel run by William Haynes. This channel posts a wide variety of videos. From which store is better, to trying different things (from food, to sport).

Philip DeFranco
A daily news channel dedicated to telling you everything you need to know about what’s going on in the world, and on the internet.

An Australian YouTuber who posts, beauty and makeup videos, organization videos and vegan “what I ate in a day” videos.

Raphael Gomes
A Portuguese YouTuber living in London, who posts cooking videos and other humour related videos.

Reaction Time
A YouTube channel dedicated to reaction to popular and viral videos.

Rhett & Link
A channel dedicated to comedy, skits, music videos and other videos.

Rob Dyke
Rob Dyke also post videos based on the unusual and strange kind. One of his most popular series’ is called “Seriously Strange” where he list strange things based on a certain topic! He also has a series called “why would you put that on the internet”.

A comedy channel that posts the funniest skits you’ll probably ever see.

Rosanna Pansino
A cooking YouTuber who dedicates her channel to cooking anything and everything. And occasionally doing food challenges with her friends and family.

Sally Jo
A YouTuber from New Zealand, who post beauty and makeup related videos.

Sarah Betts
An Australian YouTuber who posts lifestyle, decor, makeup, beauty and organisation videos.

Sarah Therese
A beauty YouTuber who posts makeup and beauty videos, lifestyles videos and videos with and about her daughter, Ivy.

Sawyer Hartman
A travel YouTuber who posts daily videos relating to his lifestyle and travels.

Another beauty YouTuber from New Zealand. Shannon posts a range of videos, from makeup and beauty videos to lifestyle videos.

Shannon Skinner
An Australian YouTuber who posts a bit of everything. From random videos, to short films.

A YouTube channel that accounts the lives of married couple, Will and RJ.

Simply Nailogical
A channel dedicated to everything nails and nail polish.

Sincerely Gracie
Another story time YouTuber.

A YouTube channel run by three friends, who post musical videos and sketches.

Sophie Louise
A British beauty YouTuber, who posts makeup tutorials and other beauty related videos.

One of the best channels relating to food. This channel posts humorous videos and cooking tutorials.

A YouTube channel that give you everyday news stories, but also other fun and quirky videos.

A second channel for SourceFed, SourceFedNERD is a channel dedicated to gaming, videos games (and outdoor games) and gaming updates.

A channel dedicated to everything math.

Study With Jess
Jess posts helpful school and studying videos, helpful to all ages.

A channel dedicated to helpful life videos, answering detailed questions and my favourite series “Tinder Terrors”.

Tana Mongeau
Probably one of my favourite YouTube channels to date. Tana posts mainly storytime videos. But she also posts vlogs, tags, and other humorous videos.

Tanya Burr
A British beauty YouTuber, who posts anything and everything related to beauty and makeup. Tanya also posts cooking videos.

A beauty YouTuber who dedicated who channel to trying out and testing all types of makeup and beauty products.

Team Edge
A challenge and games channel where three friends go head to head in a multitude of games and challenges.

Ten Second Songs
A music channel dedicated to posting covers of music in many different genres and voice impressions.

The Proper People
The Proper People are a group of urban explorers who travel all over America looking at abandoned places.

The Slow Mo Guys
A channel dedicated to two lads who film crazy experiments in super slow motion.

A YouTube channel by Dominic who posts ultimate dance challenges and “*insert amount of food* in 10 minutes (or other time)” challenges.

The Richest
A list channel that post short and sweet list videos on many, many different topics.

The Sam Tsui
A musician who posts covers and original songs.

The Sorry Girls
Two girls who post videos on home decor and DIYs.

The ultimate Pinterest test channel.

Another list channel. This channel is dedicated to giving you top 5 lists of the creepiest, and strangest topics.

Top 10 Archive
Also a  list channel. They posts mainly odd and weird topics. But they do cover mainstream topics as well.

A list channel dedicated to giving you lists of 15. Mainly about mainstream and populat topics.

Top 5 Unknowns
This channel posts list videos. Usually of the paranormal and unusual kind. They make videos like scary urban legends, truths behind supernatural movies and creepy vintage films.

Tyler & Ryan
A music duo, that posts covers and original songs with cool videos to match.

A channel that is based around the lives of couple, Luke & Vinnie.

John and Hank Green in their natural habitat.
A list channel that focuses on giving you top ten lists. Mainly about movies, tv shows, music, games or celebrities.

What’s Inside?
A channel dedicated to giving you videos about what’s inside certain everyday items.

Yogscast Lewis & Simon (and Duncan)
A gaming channel. They mainly post Minecraft videos, but also cover some other video games.

A beauty and makeup YouTuber who posts favourite videos, tutorials, collections and a lot more to do with beauty, makeup and her lifestyle.

Who’s your favourite YouTuber?


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