My Favourite Holiday

When I first seen this prompt I thought of vacations and family holidays (probably because we call them holidays and not vacations) but then I realised this prompt probably meant holidays as in Christmas and Halloween. But because I’m not actually sure I’m going to talk about both.

Personally I haven’t been on many family vacations or vacations at all really. I’ve been on one family and it was to visit family in Melbourne, so it wasn’t really a vacation. But a dream vacation of mine is to go to New York, specifically spend Christmas in New York. I’ve always wanted to experience Christmas in winter, and I would absolutely love to have it happen in New York.

So my dream vacation (other than France) would be Christmas in New York.

Now for my favourite festive holiday, obviously it’s Halloween.

Having grown up in Australia my family never celebrated Halloween. I wish I had tbh. The idea of dressing up as your favourite characters for a night fascinated me. The whole knocking on strangers doors for candy, not so much.

For a few years now, every Halloween (and the days leading up to Halloween) usually I watch horror movies and read horror novels. And he night of Halloween I have a horror movie marathon until all hours of the morning.

I’ve always wanted to attend a Halloween party of sorts or a masquerade ball on Halloween (mainly because of that one PLL episode (even though that wasn’t on Halloween), but y’know).

So those are my dream vacation and favourite festive related holiday!

What’s your dream vacation? What’s your favourite holiday?


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