Childhood Memories

Back in my first blog challenge I made a most about my childhood toys (major nostalgia) and I thought that was similar to the prompt for this week’s blog challenge. So this time I thought I’d go more in depth to my childhood and fish out a bunch of photos and tell the stories behind some of them!

So, welcome to my childhood.

Note: obviously I don’t remember as I was too young to, but they’re stories that my mum likes to tell everyone, so I thought I’d include them.

When I was 3 I burnt my hand on a soldering iron. 
I wasn’t the smartest child. I couldn’t find the picture I was looking for but basically, my hand was wrapped in bandages and I had the biggest grin on my face.

This is a soldering iron for anyone who doesn’t know

My parents met via a magazine
This one really isn’t a memory about me, but my parents met via a section in a magazine called That’s Life and in this photo I’m “holding” a That’s Life magazine so I thought I’d include it.

First Time Flying
Speaking of the above magazine, my mum won a trip to Sydney once (I’m pretty sure it was bc of the magazine as they have puzzles where you can win prizes, but I’m not 100% sure). Anyways, here are two photos my mum (or nan) took of me when we were in Sydney.

It’s the only time I’ve ever been on a plane. My mum said I slept the whole way (which is only about an hour and a half, but still).
Sydney - SittingSydney - Standing

My mum said that when I was little I would always try and “escape” my cot. At first I didn’t believe her but then she showed me this photo. She said I got tired of trying to get out so I feel asleep like this.

Mowing The Lawn
My Pop is a big fan of cars and repairing all types of vehicles (he’s a mechanic). Even when he’s not working he’s always working on repairing heaps of things. One of which was a ride on lawn mower. When he finished repairing it and it worked again he took me for ride on it. My mum took this picture of me on it!
Lawn Mower.jpg

Eating.. Ink?
When I was little my mum said that I used to eat everything, and I mean everything. She said I ate brown paint once (my mum does painting as a hobby). She got this picture of me after I had been chewing on a blue pen or marker of some sort.
Eating Ink.jpg

Here’s a few other photos bc why not!
Dad & IBirthday

What’s a memory from your childhood?


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