An Unforgettable Day In My Life

If I’m honest there hasn’t really been an unforgettable day in my life that stands out from other unforgettable days in my life, so I thought I’d talk about a few (good) days I’ll probably never forget.

Finally deciding to start a blog
I had already made a blog prior to this one. It was under the same name but it was through blogger. And when I made that blog I must have made one on here too (although I don’t remember doing so). But anyways, I used blogger for about 3 months (around August to October) before I really started getting annoyed with their post layout system. It would never work for me, so I switched over to WordPress and I’ve been here ever since.

However, I didn’t start blogging on here until late December, early January 2016. And that was entirely because I couldn’t find a theme I liked. I had already had a tonne of blog posts in my drafts and was waiting until I found the right theme to post them. But eventually I did and here we are today.

Seeing Reece Mastin in concert
Back in January of 2013 I met Reece Mastin at a concert of his not far from where I lived. Back then he had just won X-Factor and was huge in Australia. A friend of mine and myself were absolutely thrilled when it said that he was coming to a town so close to ours. We got tickets as soon as they were released.

Although I’m not a big fan of Reece anymore, I don’t really listen to his music or keep updated with his social media, he was technically my first ever concert and it’s not something I’m going to forget easily. Also, I met him which was super awkward so 😳

(Please ignore shitty quality, it was taken on an ipod)
Reece Mastin - We Are Never Getting Back Together - One.jpg

Leaving school
I’ve mentioned leaving school in previous blog posts so I’m not going to say much about it. But as for being a day I won’t forget it’s definitely towards the top of the list. I can remember leaving school like it was yesterday when really it’s been almost a year.

Getting Storm
Storm is my cat for anyone who doesn’t know. I got him January 7th, 2015. I remember the day I got him like it was yesterday. It was thunderstorming (hence the name Storm) like crazy and he was absolutely terrified until we got him inside and tried him off.

First photo is when I got him, second photo is him a few months ago.
1822016-06-30 022

And lastly, meeting my best friend
Now technically this hasn’t happened yet, it happens in about 5 days actually. But I know it’ll be one of my most unforgettable days ever.

Is there a day you’ll never forget?


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