My Pet Peeves

I made a blog post about my pet peeves on my fitness blog a few months ago, and at first I was going to change the prompt but I’ve decided to talk about more pet peeves I have, because tbh, I have a lot.

If you would like to see the first pet peeves post I made, click here!

People Who Spell “He’s” like “His” Instead
Do you not know the difference?

People Who Take Hours To Reply Then Get Mad When You Don’t Reply Within Minutes

When You Take Your Earphones Out But 5 Minutes Later It Feels Like They’re Still In Your Ears

People (And Companies) Who Call You Over And Over But Never Leave A Message
Why are you calling me?

People Who Scrape Their Fork Around The Plate

People Who Interrupt Others To Direct The Conversation To Themselves
If you do this, I hate you.

Men Who Refer To Their Wife As ” The Wife”
Your wife is not an object.

When Someone Tries To Talk To Me When I Have Headphones On
They’re on for a reason.

Fake laughter
Just don’t laugh at all.

Wobbly Tables
Why do you even exist?

People Who Burp And Don’t Say “Pardon me”

People Who Wear Sunglasses Indoors
You’re not cool.

Speed Bumps
I know it’s for safety purposes but they’re so damn annoying.

What’s a pet peeve of yours?


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