Meeting My Best Friend – Bucket List

On October 5th, I met my best friend.

You guys already know who Violet is so I’m not going to go into too much detail about her, or how we met.

If you don’t know who Violet is you can find out here, or here. Or you could just visit the blog we have together!

Back in October of last year my family had decided we wanted to go on a mini vacation kind of thing. We went away for a few days in 2013 and really liked it. However, we didn’t want to go to the same city. So we decided on another city. This city was a little further drive than the previous one.

Originally we organised to go in January of this year. But a few things popped up and we had to change the plans. We still went away in January but it wasn’t to the city we planned to go too. And we only went for one night.

We postponed the mini vacation trip to July. But as we neared July we thought it was too close and postponed it to September.

Then I asked my mum if I could meet Violet while we were there. Because the city we were going too is basically half way between Violet and I’s hometowns.

After a lot of asking and begging my mum finally said yes. After she said yes we had to organize where Violet and her mum were staying.

We came to the conclusion that they would stay with us. But in order for this to work we’d have to change which house we were staying in (we went through a company that has a variety of houses you can stay in). So we changed to a house with more beds. And because we wanted that house the company had to change our dates. So that’s how we ended up with October 5th to 8th.

When the time came for Violet and I to meet I almost pissed myself in excitement. After three (almost four years) of knowing and talking to each other we would finally be less than 100 kilometers away from each other. Less then 100 centimeters in fact.

I’m amazed I didn’t cry when we met. I said “omg” a lot. And my hands were sweating like a mofo. I was shaking like crazy.

Unfortunately Violet and her mum could only stay for one night. But it was the best two days I’ve experienced in a long, long time.

It was perfect. If I could relive it again, I wouldn’t change anything. And I cannot wait until we see each other again.



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