The Lyrics Tag

It’s time for another tag! Again, this was also found on Quotev, you can view it here!

The idea of this tag is to choose a singer or band (for example Red Hot Chilli Peppers), then proceed to answer the following question with ONLY lyrics from the chosen band. Some of these answers can get quite weird but in the end it’s all good fun!

The band/singer I’m choosing is Pierce The Veil!

Describe how you feel today.
“Maybe I’ll pretend right now but I swear to god I’m gonna change the world.”

Describe your best friend.
“She sits up high, surrounded by the sun. One million branches and she loves everyone.”

How many times have you been rejected?
“The taste of you and me will never leave my lips again, under the blinding rain.”

Tell us the ‘story of your life’.
“Sometimes the bedroom walls become my only friends.”

How do you act when you are around somebody you like?
“I want you in the most unromantic way.”

What did you do today?
“Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?”

What has been the craziest thing you have ever done?
“Have you ever really danced on the edge?”

Describe your favorite concert.
“Intoxication, paranoia and a lot of fame.”

Describe how you react when you hear your favorite song on the radio.
“I’ve been having this dream that we can fly. So maybe if we never wake up we could see the sky.”

How many siblings do you have?
“This isn’t fair, don’t you try to blame this on me!”

Complete: I am addicted to…
“Imagine living like a king someday. A single night without a ghost in the walls.”

Complete: My favorite singer makes me…
“Please don’t take this out on me ’cause you’re the only thing that’s keeping me alive.”

How many people have you kissed in your life?
“Please won’t you push me for the last time.”

How do you feel about drugs?
“Maybe I could swim into your thoughts like your drugs do.”

Complete: I constantly…
think “The thing I think I love the most will surely bring me pain.”

Complete: I am…
“..not meant for this world. I just don’t see the point so I don’t think about it.”

When people wake you up in the middle of the night what do you do?
“I brought a gun and as the preacher tried to stop me..”

Describe your favorite movie.
“This blood evacuation is telling me to cave in. Stay away.”

If you were going to do this tag which artist would you choose?


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