To Win 1 Million Dollars

Oh my, what I would do with a million dollars? I don’t even know to be completely honest. A million dollars can get you a lot.

I had to think about this for a while but eventually I came up with a few things I would get if I had one million dollars!

A Car
I’ve always wanted to go road tripping and obviously I need a car for that. I also have my L’s so eventually I’m going to need (well prefer) my own car for when I get my P’s. I’ve always wanted a Grey VW Golf.

A House
Not a house per say but I’d put aside a set amount of money for rent to get an apartment in inner Melbourne!

(yes I know this apartment is in New York, but still)

Dream Vacation
I would give my mum a set amount of money so she could go on her dream vacation (wherever that may be).

Paris or New York
I’d probably go on a vacation to Paris or New York (or both).

Give to a Charity
I’d most likely give a portion of the money to a charity, or several charities.

After all of those things I’d put the rest of the money away to be saved for other things (like my kids uni/college tuition or future road trips and vacations).

What would you do with one million dollars?


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