Instagram Tag

Today’s blog post prompt is “social media phenomenon”.

I honestly have absolutely no idea what this blog challenge prompt means or what I’m supposed to do for it. So instead I’m going to do a tag (I know, I need to stop doing them).

The tag I chose to do is the Instagram tag. I chose this tag because Instagram is a social media phenomenon and I get to shamelessly promote my Instagram account(s).

You can find this tag here!

What’s your username?

When did you create your Instagram account?
I believe I created my main account (Shannon.gp_) back in 2013 sometime. However, I’ve since deleted all those cringeworthy posts (I still have them on my computer though, lmao). I actually remember doing that, because there were like 800 posts, and it took forever because you have to delete them one by one. There’s no way to delete multiple posts at once, unless you delete the entire account.

My second account (ShannonnPratt) I created in 2015 some time, but didn’t start using it until March.

Which is the first picture you posted?
Like I stated before, I deleted a tonne of my photos. I used to delete my photos whenever I changed my “theme” because it would annoy me when it just randomly changed. So the first post I have on my main account is this, and it was posted in March of 2016, so it’s obviously not my first post, but it’s the first post for the current “theme” I have.

This is the first photo I posted on my other account.

How many times do you log in ? Per day/week?
I’m constantly checking my Instagram feed on my main account so like 8,000 times a day. For my other accounts, not so often. My second account maybe 4 times a week.

What is your worst picture?
I don’t think I have any “bad” photos, if I did, I’d delete them bc that’s the type of person I am lmao. But you should have seen all my posts from 2013 lmao, they were awful.

Which picture has had the most likes?
In the following order: Shannon.gp_, ShannonnPratt

How many followers do you have ? How many people are you following?
Shannon.gp_: 705 followers, following 866
ShannonnPratt: 27 followers, following 14

Who is the last person who liked one of your pictures?
I’m not going to say who each person was, for privacy reasons.

Name one brand/celebrity you are following ? One brand/celebrity who follow you (if there is any)?
Most of the people I follow are celebrities/social media icons. And no celebrities/social media icons follow me. As for brands, a few f0llow me, and I follow a tonne.

Show us your top 3 pictures?
Top three as in most liked? If so, in order: Shannon.gp_, ShannonnPratt.

What is the last picture on your Instagram feed?
In order: Shannon.gp_, ShannonnPratt

See y’all next week for another blog challenge!


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