DIY Halloween Decor

I realise that I should have made this post one of the first Halloweek posts but oh well!

Halloweek day seven (our second last day! 😭) is all about DIY Halloween decor. If you’re hosting a party of you just want your house to be full of the Halloween spirit then these 10 DIY Halloween decor items will be perfect for you!

Enchanting Halloween Lanterns
These adorable Halloween lanterns, made by Liska Myers at Adventure In A Box, would be so cute to have sitting in the corner of a room, illuminating the area.
Enchanting Halloween Lanterns: Turn Mason Jars into Lanterns and Explore Light with Children

Tissue Paper Pumpkins
These minimal DIY pumpkin treats are half decor, half food. These would be perfect to have has decoration, or to hand out to kids on Halloween. Made by Debbie Chapman at One Little Project.
These tissue paper pumpkin favours are a great treat to send to school on Halloween or they make super cute party favours! Use them for any fall occasion!

Sparkling Boo Sign
This homemade sign, made by Kimber at The Pinning Mama, would be perfect to hang on your front door or even on one of the doors in your home.
boo Halloween door sign www.thepinningmama.comPotion Bottles
These creepy potion bottles, made by Magia Mia, would make the perfect decoration for any Halloween themed occasion.
Image result for diy halloween potion bottles

Stand Alone Ghosts
These cute stand alone ghosts, made by Steph at eHow, would be the perfect DIY activity to do with your kids, or even by yourself for a kids Halloween Party. Or even for your own Halloween party!
Image result for manualidades con globos y botellas

Bleeding Candles
If you like candles and Halloween, you’ll love this amazing candle DIY by Sarah Lipoff at PopSugar.

Vampire Pumpkins
Although they’re vampire pumpkins, these adorable mini pumpkins with fangs are possibly the cutest Halloween decoration I’ve ever seen. Found at Martha Stewart.
Image result for tiny pumpkin decorating ideas

Spell Books
I have never wanted to try a DIY project more than I want to try this. These spell books made by Kelly at PopSugar, are incredible. They look so real!
Hosting a Halloween Bash This Year? Don't Miss Out on This Eerily Easy DIY

Wall of Bats
This frightening, yet adorable, wall of bats is perfect for a Halloween party for any age. And they’re pretty damned easy to make. Made by Marvelous Mommy.
Image result for halloween bats decorations homemade

Masking Tape Hand
Last, but not least on our list of DIY Halloween decorations is this creepy standing hand. This freestanding hand, made by Emily at Wholesale Halloween Costumes, is made with masking tape, fancy that!
Image result for masking tape hand

What’s your favourite decor item to make on Halloween?

🎃 👻

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