Halloween Tag

Halloweek Day eight, the last day!

I can’t believe the last day in our Halloweek special thingy is coming to an end!

For the last day I thought I would keep it pretty chill and do a Halloween tag! I found this tag on Anna Vs Life!

1.  What’s your favourite horror movie?
Silence of the Lambs, Wolf Creek and Halloween.

2. If you were in a horror movie, how far do you think you would get? (Five minutes, halfway, all the way to the end credits…?)
It depends what type of horror film tbh, but I’d most likely be killed somewhere during the middle.

3. Favourite scary video game?
I’m not a big fan of playing video games, but I really enjoyed watching Mark and Jack’s Outlast series’!

4. Favourite scary story?
Any of the creepy pastas told by CreepsMcPasta or CreepyPastaJr.

5. What’s one unusual thing that you’re afraid of?
Clowns, but I don’t think that’s unusual. Also vomiting, but again, I don’t think that’s unusual.

6. What’s your first memory of Halloween?
When I was younger and Disney Channel would have Halloween movie marathons.

7. What’s your favourite Halloween memory?
Because my family has never celebrated Halloween the most I do during Halloween is watch horror movies, like all day. So..

8. Best Halloween costume you’ve had?
As I said before, I’ve never celebrated it so I’ve never had to dress up as something. But I’d love to be a zombie princess one day.

9. Worst Halloween costume you’ve had?
Same as before, I’ve never had a costume, so I’ve never had a bad one.



10. Werewolves or vampires?
Werewolves. Vampire fascinate me tbh.

11. Ghosts or zombies?

12. Creepy dolls or creepy clowns?
100% clowns.

13. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers or Leatherface?
Probably Michael tbh. But they all fascinate me greatly.

🎃 👻

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Posts will continue as normal on Wednesday (the 3rd)!


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