Books I Would See If They Were Movies

Towards the beginning of my last blog challenge I did a post listing all my favourite books at that time, and to be honest, it hasn’t really changed much from that list. So instead of basically repeating a post I’m going to list a bunch of books I want to be made into movies (and tv shows)!

All of these books I’ve read at some point and would really enjoy watching them as either a movie or a tv show.

Also, I’m going to state whether I’d like these to be a tv show or a movie!

Harry Potter
I know Harry Potter is already a movie franchise but can you imagine Harry Potter as a tv series? How incredible would that be. I’ve read posts everywhere that suggest it would be like Game Of Thrones (which I haven’t seen), where each chapter is one episode, and each book is a season. And let’s be honest, I would atch the fuck out of that.
Image result for harry potter characters

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
I just recently finished this book and I would absolutely watch it if it were a movie. I’m not the biggest fan of movies that aren’t horror/thriller/crime, but I would 100% see this in cinemas.
Image result for We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

The Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Series by Sue Grafton
I’m only at the second book in this series but I’m absolutely loving it. It’s a crime/mystery series with over 20 books. I would absolutely love to see it as a mini series with like one episode per book. I was going to suggest it as a movie first but 20+ movie series is a bit too much lol.
Image result for The Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Series

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
I know a while back it was rumoured that this book was being made into a movie, but nothing’s happened and I was really hoping it would be a movie. Again, this isn’t a horror/thriller novel but I had to read the first novel in school a few years ago and I fell in love with it. I read the first novel ahead of my class and continued on to the following three. I think I’ve read the entire series about three times now. It really needs to become a movie series!
Image result for uglies scott westerfeld

Butterflies by Susanne Gervay
This was another book I had to read in school. When reading it I found it incredibly interesting. Now I’m not sure if this is a movie or not, but if it isn’t it needs to be.
Image result for butterflies susanne gervay

So there’s 5 novels I would absolutely watch if they were movies or tv shows!

Is there a book you wish was a movie or tv show?


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