100 More Movie Quotes

100 more quotes from your favourite movies!

You can find my first 100 movie quotes post here!

You don’t understand! I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am.
– On the Waterfront

This boy will be famous. There won’t be a child in our world who doesn’t know his name.
– Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.
– Bruce Almighty

Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
– Casablanca

If you love someone… you say it, right then, out loud. Otherwise… the moment just passes you by.
– My Best Friends Wedding

After a while, you learn to ignore the names people call you and just trust who you are.
– Shrek

“Looks like you’ve been missing a lot of work lately.”
“I wouldn’t say I’ve been ‘missing’ it, Bob.”
– Office Space

If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise don’t even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives, jobs. And maybe your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery, isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of your endurance. Of how much you really want to do it. And you’ll do it, despite rejection in the worst odds. And it will be better than anything else you can imagine.
– Factotum

Great men are not born great, they grow great.
– The Godfather

She was a hoe. For sho.
– The 40 Year Old Virgin

A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.
– Winnie the Pooh

The only true wisdom consists of knowing that you know nothing.
– Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

To find something, anything, a great truth or a lost pair of glasses, you must first believe there will be some advantage in finding it.
– All the King’s Men

I’m in a glass case of emotion.
– Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

You’re so money and you don’t even know it.
– Swingers

Do us a favor… I know it’s difficult for you… but please, stay here, and try not to do anything… stupid.
– Pirates of the Caribbean

How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on? When in your heart, you begin to understand, there is no going back. There are some things that time cannot mend, some hurts that go too deep… that have taken hold.
– The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

All it takes is faith and trust.
– Peter Pan

I have nipple, Greg. Could you milk me?
– Meet The Parents

Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage just literally 20 seconds of just embarrassing bravery and I promise you something great will come of it.
– We Bought a Zoo

The truth is… well, the truth is, I have met the right person, and he’s not in love with me, and until I stop loving him, no one else really has a chance.
– Four Weddings and a Funeral

If along the way you act like someone you’re not, pretty soon that’s who you become.
– High School Musical 2

I’ve come to learn that it’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with.
– Aquamarine

Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.
– The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Disturbing the peace? I got thrown out of a window. What’s the fucking charge for getting pushed out of a moving car, huh? Jaywalking?
– Beverly Hills Cop

Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it.
– Tangled

I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it.
– City Of Angels


Everybody’s afraid of something.
That’s how we know we care about things… when we’re scared to lose them.
– The Shawshank Redemption

Marriage is like a tense, unfunny episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond”. Only it doesn’t last 22 minutes, it last forever.
– Knocked Up

Some memories are best forgotten.
– Memento

I am not going to sit on my ass as the events that affect me unfold to determine the course of my life. I’m going to take a stand. I’m going to defend it. Right or wrong, I’m going to defend it.
– Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Cuz I know you. And you know you. And I know that you know that I know that you know you.
– Dodgeball

You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.
– Ratatouille

Thank you very little.
– Caddyshack

I know what I have to do now, I’ve got to keep breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?
– Cast Away

Not my daughter, you bitch!
– Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

It’s what you do right now that makes a difference.
– Black Hawk Down

That rug really tied the room together.
– The Big Lebowski

This Mr. Stay Puft’s okay! He’s a sailor, he’s in New York; we get this guy laid, we won’t have any trouble!
– Ghostbusters

She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.
– Beauty And The Beast

They say, when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that’s true. What they don’t tell you is that when it starts again, it moves extra fast to catch up.
– Big Fish

How can we be expected to teach the children how to read if they can’t even fit in the building?
– Zoolander

Basic Principles – no matter what, no matter when, no matter who… any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet; he just needs the right broom.
– You and me…it was such a long time ago, and we were just a couple of kids…but we really did love each other, didn’t we?
– The Notebook

Just be yourself, because life’s too short to be anybody else.
– Step Up 2: The Streets

Excuse my French, but Cameron is so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass, in two weeks you’d have a diamond.
– Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ned, I would love to stay here and talk to you but I’m not going to.
– Groundhog Day

Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.
– Brave

Truth only means something when it’s hard to admit.
– The Last Song

Please get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up.
– The Wedding Signer

I look up to those people who have lost everything, yet love others beyond themselves.
– Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants

You know what’s wrong with you, Miss Whoever-you-are? You’re chicken, you’ve got no guts. You’re afraid to stick out your chin and say, “Okay, life’s a fact, people do fall in love, people do belong to each other, because that’s the only chance anybody’s got for real happiness.” You call yourself a free spirit, a “wild thing,” and you’re terrified somebody’s gonna stick you in a cage. Well baby, you’re already in that cage. You built it yourself. And it’s not bounded in the west by Tulip, Texas, or in the east by Somali-land. It’s wherever you go. Because no matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself.
– Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Only if you find peace within yourself will you find true connection with others.
– Before Sunrise

This one time, at band camp..
– American Pie

Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them.
– The Aristocats

Our Lives are defined by moments, especially the ones we never see coming.
– The Next Three Days

You are without doubt the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of. But you have heard of me.
– Pirates of the Carribean

Jane, since I’ve met you, I’ve noticed things I never knew were there before. Birds singing, dew glistening on a newly formed leaf, stop lights.
– The Naked Gun: From The Files Of The Police Squad

I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.
– Hercules

Me, I always tell the truth, even when I lie.
– Scarface

When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.
– Twilight

I’m glad he’s single because I’m gonna climb that like a tree.
– Bridesmaids

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.
– Bambi

Because sometimes the truth isn’t good enough, people deserve a little more.
– The Dark Knight

When a woman who has much to say says nothing, her silence can be deafening.
– Anna and the King

Tigers love pepper, they hate cinnamon.
– The Hangover

You will always remember this as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.
– Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

A gold medal is a wonderful thing. But if you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it.
– Cool Runnings

Do you ever put your arms out and just spin and spin and spin? Well, that’s what love is like. Everything inside of you tells you to stop before you fall, but you just keep going.
– Practical Magic

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.. you’re okay.. and fuck you. I’m out.
– Half Baked

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.
– Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.
– The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miley Davis.
Billy Madison

I was hiding under your porch because I love you.
– Up

If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.
– Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire

Me, I still believe in paradise. But now at least I know it’s not some place you can look for because it’s not where you go. It’s how you feel for a moment in your life when you’re a part of something and if you find that moment, it lasts forever.
– The Beach

“Surely you can’t be serious?”
“I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.”
– Airplane

Find out who you are and do it on purpose.
– A Walk To Remember

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all.
– Mulan

I see you’re drinking 1%. Is that ’cause you think you’re fat? ‘Cause you’re not. You could be drinking whole, if you wanted to.
– Napoleon Dynamite

You are everything I never knew I always wanted.
– Fools Rush In

Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake up from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world, and the real one?
– The Matrix

Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.
– Frozen

Dawww. Kelly Clarkson!!
– The 40 Year Old Virgin

You cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours.
– Alice in Wonderland

All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.
– Sunset Boulevard

You talking to me?
– Taxi Driver

The stuff that dreams are made of.
– The Maltese Falcon

Made it, Ma! Top of the world!
– White Heat

I don’t regret the things I’ve done, but those I did not do.
– Empire Records


You can’t live your life for other people. You’ve got to do what’s right for you, even if it hurts some people you love.
– The Notebook

It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.
– Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Don’t ever let somebody tell you you can’t do something, not even me. Alright? You dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period.
– The Pursuit of Happyness

Run, Forrest, run!
– Forrest Gump

Love cannot be found where it doesn’t exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does.
– Kissing a Fool

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.
– Cool Hand Luke

Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this.. and totally redeem yourself!
– Dumb And Dumber

I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!
– Network

They call me Mister Tibbs!
– In the Heat of the Night

Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.
– All About Eve

Go ahead, make my day.
– Sudden Impact

Which quote was your favourite?


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