Christmas Tv Show Episodes

I’m actually so excited to do this post. I had so much fun making the Halloween tv show episodes posts that I absolutely had to do a Christmas one!

So, below are a bunch of my favourite Christmas episodes from my favourite tv shows!

Note: I won’t be including episode synopsis because of spoilers, but I will link the IMDb page for each episode!

How ‘A’ Stole Christmas” – Pretty Little Liars
Image result for How the 'A' Stole Christmas

Silent Night” – NCIS
Image result for ncis silent night

Christmas Through Your Eyes” – The Vampire Diaries
Image result for tvd christmas

Fake Plastic Snow” – Ugly Betty
Image result for fake plastic snow ugly betty

Unholy Night” – American Horror Story, Asylum
Image result for unholy night ahs

The Constant” – Lost
Image result for the constant lost

Christmas At The Tipton” – The Suit Life Of Zack & Cody
Image result for christmas at the tipton

The Santa in the Slush” – Bones
Image result for the santa in the slush bones episode

Roman Holiday” – Gossip Girl
Image result for roman holiday gossip girl

Xtreme Xmas” – Lizzie McGuire
Image result for xtreme xmas lizzie mcguire

What’s your favourite Christmas tv show episode?


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