Workin’ On My Fitness

I’m going to take this weeks blog challenge as an opportunity to plug and promote my fitness blog, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest boards. (just bc I can).

Fitness Blog 

Fitness Tumblr

Fitness Instagram

Pinterest board (1, 2, 3, 4)

On my fitness blog I post a range of fitness related things, from food hacks and healthy snacks to movie workouts and workout playlists.

Sometimes I also talk about my lifestyle and progress!

I post every Tuesday on that blog, as well as a fitness blog challenge every Friday.

On my fitness Tumblr I reblog pictures, quotes and stories that motivate me to keep fit and healthy. I also follow a tonne of people fitness journeys (Tumblr’s the best place to find fitness journeys).

Sometimes I also post my Fitbit daily progress and progress pics!

On my “fitness” Instagram I post what I eat. Along with a friend of mine. However we don’t post very often on there. But I do use that account to follow fitness instagrammers!

On my Pinterest board I pin a range of things. I have one board dedicated to workouts and workouts only. I have another board dedicated to everything food and drink, both healthy and not so healthy. I also have a fitspo board dedicated to body shapes and how I would love to look one day. And last but not least, I have a health board where I pin facts, tips and other helpful health related things!

So those are my fitness social media accounts!

See you guys next week!


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