14 Outfits For Summer

I mentioned in a tweet sequence a few weeks ago that I wanted to start posting things that weren’t just related to books, film, writing/reading and decor. I also mentioned that, of course, I would still post about those things because I dearly love researching and talking about them. But I want to start posting about other things that I love, like fashion, (more) music, interior design, beauty (like skin care, not make up (bc I suck at makeup)) and travel/adventure.

So for this post I’m going to be talking about and showing you guys some of my favourite clothing items for Summer 2016 and what clothes I would put together to make 14 Summer outfits!

What I’ve decided to do for this post is choose 7 different stores and make two outfits from each store, one with a dress and one with shorts!

Because I’m Australian and it’s currently Summer all of the following outfits/clothing items are either from an Australian website or somewhere that ships to Australia!

The 7 stores I chose were Ally, BooHoo, Cotton On, Dotti, Jay Jays, Valley Girl and Zaful.

Note: all of the following images are from each website. I have linked each article of clothing if you guys are interested in any of them!

Please be aware that I do not own (or have owned) any of these clothing items, but if I had the money and was skinny enough to wear these, I would 100 percent wear all of these outfits!


Outfit One!
Dress: Ruched Front Skater Dress
Shoes: Ally doesn’t sell shoes but I would most likely pair this dress with some black converse or some beach sandals!
Jewellery: Ally doesn’t sell jewellery either but I would add some stackable rings and probably a set of simple necklaces in different sizes!

Outfit Total: $35.99 AUD

Outfit Two!
Top: Cold Shoulder Paisley Print Top
Skirt/Shorts: Turn Up Mini Short

I’ve taken out the ‘shoes’ and ‘jewellery’ option from this outfit because like I stated before, Ally doesn’t sell them!

I would pair this outfit with either white or light red sandals and a small, but long necklace.

Outfit Total: $49.98 AUD


Boo Hoo

Outfit One!
Dress: Savannah Crochet Lace Skater Dress
Shoes: Boutique Orla Wrap Strap Leather Ghillie Sandal
Jewellery: Evie Crystal Detail Ring PackKitty Moon and Crystal Layered Necklace
Bag: Julia Turn Lock Chain Strap Clutch Bag

This outfit was very simplistic and basic in colour so I decided to pair it with an over the shoulder (cross body) bag and a necklace!! I was planning to put some pink sandals with this outfit but BooHoo didn’t have any that liked!

Outfit Total: $126 AUD

Shoes.jpgdzz68686_gold_xl_1-2boohoo.com: Bag.jpg


Outfit Two!
Top: Jess Woven Off The Shoulder Top
Shorts: Plus Felicity Ripped Denim Short
Shoes: Isla Chain Detail Lace Up Trainer
Sunglasses: Lily Mirrored Double Brow Bar Aviator

I tried my absolute hardest to find a shirt that wasn’t white or cream (of black for that matter) and I couldn’t find any that I liked for a Summer outfit. Granted I did find a tonne of shirts that I loved but most of them we’re to Winter-y for a Summer outfit!

Also, I liked the shorts the model was wearing with the shirt I chose so much I found a pair similar to go with this outfit!

Outfit Total: $116 AUD

Jess Woven Off The Shoulder Toppzz98018_indigo_xl_2 (2).jpgdzz74243_blush_xl_1 (2).jpgdzz86350_ms (2).jpg


Cotton On

Outfit One!
Dress: WV Margot Slip Sress
Shoes: Jodi Low Rise Sneaker
Sunglasses: 70s Metal Round

Cotton On only sells a few jewellery pieces, of which I didn’t think suited either of the outfits I made. But I would pair this first outfit with some gold jewellery. Maybe a small necklace and some stackable bracelets!

Outfit Total: $74.85 AUD


Outfit Two!
Top: Abigail Lace Trim Tank
Shorts: The Flashback Short
Shoes: Evonne Casual Sneaker
Bag: Forbes Backpack

I would pair this outfit with some similar jewellery to the first outfit I chose. Something gold and simple!

Outfit Total: $119.80 AUD



Outfit One!
Dress: Blue Floral Fit N Flare Dress
Phone Case: I6 Plus Marble Splice Phone

Dotti doesn’t sell jewellery so I decided to put a phone case with this look. Dotti does sell some shoes but I none of their options matched this outfit!

Outfit Total: $77.90 AUD

Outfit Two!
Top: Latin Love Lace Trim Crop Top
Shorts: Core Textured Belted Short
Bag: Crafted Saddle Bag

Again, I didn’t like any of their shoe options for this outfit so I paired it with a bag instead. Personally, I would pair this outfit with some brown sandals in the same shade as the bag!

Outfit Total: $89.85 AUD


Jay Jays

Outfit One!
Dress: Summer All Lace Dress

Jay Jays only sells a few shoes and jewellery items, none of which go with this outfit. This dress was actually the inspiration for this post, so of course I had to include it!

I would pair this dress with some pink or beige flats and a gold choker. I would also pair this outfit with the flower crown she’s wearing (or this headband)!

Outfit Total: $54.95 AUD


Outfit Two!
Kimono: Oversized Lace Kimono
Top: Lace Cropped Top
Shorts: Ashleigh Short
Sunglasses: Emily Aviator

I would pair this outfit with some black converse and a black chocker or a small black necklace.

Outfit Total: $104.90 AUD


Valley Girl

Outfit One!
Dress:  Cecile Wrap Dress

Unfortunately, Valley Girl doesn’t sell shoes (or jewellery) either. The reason I included this store and Ally are because I absolutely loved their clothes.

Personally I would pair this dress with some tan and blue (or light pink) sandals if you’re wearing this for a casual day out. But if you’re wearing this for a night out in Summer I would pair it with some light pink wedges!

Outfit Total: $39.95 AUD

Outfit Two!
Top: Anika Off Shoulder Top
Shorts: Five Button Peached Shorts

I would pair this outfit with some pink/red sandals to match the red colour on the shirt. I would also pair this outfit with a floppy hat and a slightly larger necklace because of the off the shoulder style!

Outfit Total: $44.90 AUD



Outfit One!
Dress: Lace Trim Tiered Mini Dress
Shoes: Zip Beading Flat Heel Sandals
Jewellery: Rhinestone Elephant Flower RingsFaux Leather Sunflower Choker

Outfit Total: $85.52 AUD

20160715143241_22325.jpgFaux Leather Sunflower Choker - BLACK


Outfit Two!
Kimono: Wide Sleeve Printed Kimono Blouse
Top: White Lace Bralette
Shorts: Light Wash Rivet Ripped Denim Shorts
Shoes: Rivet Flat Heel Toe Ring Sandals
Jewellery: Gold Plated Leaf Bolo Necklace

The idea I had for this look was something that was perfect for Summer and could easily be worn over a swimsuit, making it perfect beach attire! The swimsuit I had in mind to pair with this outfit was a simple white two piece (String Halter Unlined Bikini Set)!

Outfit Total (with shirt): $132.38 AUD

Outfit Total (with bikini): $129.53 AUD

20160402194337_83696.jpgGold Plated Leaf Bolo Necklace - GOLDEN String Halter Unlined Bikini Set - WHITE S

What are your favourite outfits to wear Summer?


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