What I Spend Money On

I spend my money on a lot of different things, so for the sake of this post I’m going to talk about what I’ve bought recently. Excluding Christmas presents and anything related to Christmas! Also excluding necessities like food, toiletries, and anything else humans need.

I wouldn’t say that I’m the best at saving money, but where I live there’s isn’t many (if any) stores to buy clothes, or anything other than food really. So the only shopping I really do is online. That’s why I keep most of the money I have in physical form so I don’t spend it online.

So after excluding anything Christmas and any necessities here are 5 thing’s I’ve bought my money on recently!

Note: these aren’t in any specific order! Keep in mind this list might not be as accurate in a few months because I probably won’t be spending money on the same things. Just like this list would not be what I was spending money on a few months ago!

1. Concert Tickets
In early December I bought two concert tickets to see Little Mix. I haven’t been to a concert in 3 years, so I was extremely excited when I found Little Mix was coming to Australia!

2. BooHoo Clothing
This relates to the above point. The Little Mix concert is in July of this year. July meaning Winter. And I have like zero Winter clothes. So I went on BooHoo a few days ago and purchased some Winter clothes and a few Summer items for this concert!

And I love BooHoo so I was extremely excited to finally purchase something from them!
Image result for boohoo

3. Journals // Diaries // Planners
Every new year I tend to find myself buying tonnes of journals, diaries, planners and even notebooks. Usually I wait until a few weeks into January, even the beginning of February because they get a little bit cheaper then. But this year I haven’t done that lol. I started buying 2017 planners and journals back in December actually. I found so many cute ones and just absolutely had to have them!

Also, a town near where I live just opened a Kikki K store so of course I bought some things from there!
Image result for kikki k stationery

4. Makeup // Skin Care
Although I’m not the biggest fan of makeup recently I’ve been getting really into some makeup. I really want to start using makeup and acknowledging myself with the basics of makeup.

Recently I’ve also been getting really into face masks and other skin care products. I absolutely love skin care and trying new products!
Image result for face masks

5. Spotify
Now I haven’t actually bought a membership to Spotify. But recently I downloaded it for the first time (I don’t know how I went this long without having it tbh). But I can’t think of anything else I’ve bought recently and I’m really considering getting a Spotify premium membership, so I’m including it on this list!
Image result for spotify

Other than those 5 things that’s basically all I’ve spent my money on in the last few months. This year I am saving more of my money to purchase more expensive things and save for tips and holidays!

What do you spend your money on?


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