My Biggest Dream In Life

If I’m honest, I have a few.

There are a few things I want in life. Things that I’ve wanted for a long time now. Things that I still want.

However, I prefer to call them goals, rather than dreams.

The reason I call them goals instead of dreams is because I know they’re going to happen. I know these goals are going to be completed and accomplished.

To me, a dream is something you want dearly. Something that you would typically wait and spend your entire life wishing and wanting to have, but never do anything to get it.

But when you call them goals, they become something more. They tell you that you want this certain thing. That you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve/accomplish these goals.

And that’s why I have multiple.

I believe having multiple goals in life is a good thing. Even if some are smaller than others.

If you turn them into goals, you become more motivated to want to achieve them. Instead of just sitting at home wishing your “dreams” would come true.

So here are some of my biggest “dreams” in life.

Live In Paris For A Few Years

This has been a goal of mine for a few years now. At first it was New York, but then I seen this cooking movie set in France. My teacher played parts of the movie in French class in grade 7. I tried so freaking hard to find the name of the movie but for the life of me I cannot remember, nor can I find it.

I also fell in love with the scenery from Blue Is The Warmest Colour. Like the scene where Adéle and Emma are at a park together. It’s so freaking beautiful. I know that was a movie so obviously it’s not 100% real.

Image result for blue is the warmest colour park sceneImage result for blue is the warmest colour park sceneblue-warmest-color-2.jpg

I’ve also seen pictures of France. And again, I know not all of these are 100% truthful, but there’s still a picture under all that, and it’s beautiful.

At first I only wanted to visit France. I also wanted to live somewhere in the world (that isn’t Australia) for a certain period of time in my life (like I said at first it was New York). But then I thought why not combine the two and live in France for a few years.

I also absolutely love the French language and am currently learning it. Living in France would help with learning the language a tonne!

I also absolutely adore French architecture and love searching and pinning ideas and pictures on Pinterest!

Image result for france apartments


Have A Huge Family & Live On A Farm That We Built & Designed

Okay, not actually a huge family, but huge was a better fitting word than big lmao.

I want between 3 to 6 children, depending on what my future husband wants. Some people would call that a huge family, others may not. Personally, I wouldn’t.

I mentioned that I wanted to design and build my own home, so hopefully my future husband has some architecture no how, lol!

Image result for family of 6 kids

I’m really interested in interior design and am heading towards having a career involved somewhere in the interior design field.

I absolutely love the style of English country homes (like above). But I also love the idea of American country homes (below). Personally I want a home somewhere in between the two.

I cannot wait to design the interior of each of the rooms in my house. Especially all my children’s bedrooms. Ahh, I cannot wait to have kids! It’s going to be one of the most exciting, yet challenging, yet incredible times in my life.

Contemporary Ba Girl Room Decor Chevron Pattern Curtain Ideas inside Baby Nursery Pastel202b769b8f1ff26363bf54530be6f09f


Go On A Road Trip That Goes Through (Almost) Every American State
Image result for best road trip usa

I’m Australian, as a lot of you would know. Meaning I’ve never been to America. I know absolutely nothing about any of the states in America.

Actually, I take that back. I know some things about American geography. I probably know more about American geography than I do Australian geography because of the movies and tv shows I watch.

But regardless, I would absolutely love to take the road trip that goes through every mainland American state.

Image result for road trip tumblr

I’ve always loved the idea of going on road trips that last weeks upon months and this trout would be the perfect way to do so.

One day I will road trip around America.

Image result for road trip alone tumblr

What’s your biggest dream in life? Or even one of your biggest dreams in life?


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