Movies I Want To Watch

There are so, so many amazing movies being released in 2017, many of which I really want to watch.

There are also a tonne of older movies I haven’t seen yet that I haven’t got around to watching.

So that’s what this post is for. So I can keep a record of all the (many) movies I aim to see this year, both new and old. And also so you guys can see what movies I’d like to watch!

I’ve also linked all the IMDb pages if you don’t know what any of the movies are or are curious to see what they’re about.

The movies I’ve seen will be highlighted in red!

Note: the following post is in alphabetical order, excluding “a” and “the”.

Ps. I don’t really watch movies that aren’t in the horror/thriller genre so forgive me for all the “classic” movies I haven’t yet seen! Also, some of these movies I saw when I was younger and don’t remember them (like Wind In The Willows & Nancy Drew) so I want to rewatch them!

What movie do you want to watch this year?


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