My Favourite Things About Each Season

So, what’s my favourite thing about each season?

Personally, Winter is my favourite season, however I do have my favourite things about each seasons.

So here are my favourite things about each season!

Note: keep in mind that I am Australian so my seasons don’t occur around the same time of year as most peoples do. If I lived in the northern hemisphere, Halloween would be my favourite thing about Autumn/Fall and the holiday season would be my favourite thing about Winter.

Summer isn’t my favourite season. It’s probably my least favourite season actually. But there is something I like about it.

I like being more active and going on walks early in the morning.

If I lived near the beach I would like going to the beach, and lakes, waterfalls, etc. So hopefully in the near future that will become my faovurite thing about Summer!

Image result for lake party tumblr

I absolutely love how the trees and nature changes in colour during Autumn. I love that the trees become this gorgeous yellow to orange ombré.

Although where I live the tradition of falling leaves and playing in fallen leaves isn’t really a thing. I still love how nature becomes so beautiful.

I also love strolling and walking around town in among the leaves and trees.

Image result for autumn tumblr

Winter is absolutely my favourite season. I absolutely love everything about Winter. The cold. The snow (if it snowed here lol). The short nights.

I love wrapping myself up in a million soft blankets and watching movies all night long.

I love wearing the warmest, yet stylish clothing and being so, very warm, even though it’s -5° outside.

Image result for winter tumblr blankets

Spring is probably my second favourite season. Even though I absolutely hate when you get to the end of Spring and the hot days, cold nights and awful wind starts to happen.

But I love all the flowers and nature that starts blooming and regrowing.

I love, love, love Spring fashion. All the floral print, light pastel colours and light denim.

The same with Autumn, I love walking around admiring the nature blooming and growing around us.

Image result for spring tumblr

What’s your favourite thing about each season?


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