DIY Vision Journal

This year I’ve been really getting into vision boards and dream/goal journals, so I thought I’d combine the two and make my own version of them; a vision journal.

Initially I was going to buy a journal specifically for this, but then I realized I had one from Kikki K that I hadn’t yet used.

The Kikki K journal I have is the “life journal”, if you guys are interested in getting it (or a similar journal from Kikki K), follow this link: A5 Life Journal – Inspiration

Personally I choose to make a vision journal because I don’t have a desk in my room, nor do I have any wall space to hang a physical copy of a vision board.

The first thing I did for the journal was open a document and made separate ‘mini’ vision boards about certain things; for example: dream style, dream car, dream house, etc. Out of the things I wanted to put in my dream journal, everything had it’s own ‘mini’ vision board, if that makes sense.

After I made those in a document I printed them all out, A5 size so they would fit perfectly on a single page in my journal.

I then cut out and stuck each one on the left of each page. Personally I chose the left so I could write on the right side, that’s just how I prefer it, because I’m left handed. But you can put the pictures on whatever side you wish too!

2017-01-12 020.JPG2017-01-12 015.JPG2017-01-12 013.JPG

After I had done that with each topic I started writing down what each vision board was about, what I wanted to achieve and any other details I wanted to include!

I didn’t take any pictures of the writing because it’s personal to me, but you can write whatever you like!

But that’s basically all you do! You can keep making vision boards and adding them to the journal as you think of them!

The possibilities really are endless.

Do you guys prefer vision boards or dream/goal journals?


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