My Guilty Pleasures

10 of my guilty pleasures, what are they? Let’s find out!

Below are 10 of my guilty pleasures!

1. Sleeping Late Without Being Interrupted
I haven’t been able to sleep in, without interruptions, in a very long time. Lately I’ve been having sleeping periods where I wake up multiple times during the night, no matter what time I go to sleep. And it really sucks. I miss being able to sleep late or without waking up a billion times!
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2. Reading In The Bath
I don’t take baths often so this is a very rare occurrence, but whenever I do bath I always, always find myself taking hours because I get stuck into reading a book. I just can’t stop myself form reading!

3. Randomly Bursting Out In Dance When I’m Home Alone
Everyone does this right? It’s not just me. Lmao. I absolutely love dancing around the entire house while completing chores and daily tasks. Especially when I’m home alone!

4. Planning Vacations I’ll Never Go On (For Now)
I absolutely love travel and exploring the world. So much so, I constantly find myself planning a billion vacations and trips to places. Most of which definitely won’t happen for the next few years, if they do happen.

5. Silence Of The Lambs
I’ve seen this movie an ungodly amount of times. Like, it’s actually astonishing how many times I’ve seen this movie. If I’m ever doing work, or something that requires me to shit for an extended period of time (aka writing blog posts) I will most likely put SOTL on in the background. Y’know the same way you do music.

I constantly find myself watching it, or even having it as background sound. If Netflix told you how many times you’ve watched certain movies, SOTL would definitely be over 100 for me. Even before I got Netflix I used to watch it ALL THE TIME.
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6. Buying Tea
I think I actually have 10 years worth of tea bags. I’m always buying more! I love trying different teas. And buying a multitude of my favorite teas in case they get discontinued (like all the ones my mum drinks have been).

Twinings UK has a “pick & mix” option what I wish Australia had omg.
Image result for tea bag collection

7. “Somebody That I Used To Know” By Gotye (Featuring Kimbra)
I know a LOT of people don’t like this song. Especially because it was so overplayed when it first come out but lately I’ve been finding myself listening to it over and over again, when it comes on.

I don’t go looking to play the song, but whenever it does come on my Spotify or Pandora, I tend to listen to it a few times before skipping to the next song.
Image result for somebody that i used to know

8. Supersize Vs Superskinny, Embarrassing Bodies and Bizarre ER
I don’t watch “tv” (excluding Netflix, and YouTube, hence the “..”) often but when I do I can’t help myself. They’re such interesting tv shows to watch.

Also,  Christian Jessen is 😍👌🏽
Image result for supersize vs superskinny

9. Cleaning
Does this count? Lmao. I constantly find myself cleaning when I’m bored. Even if my room/the house is already spotless. It’s so relaxing. Especially when you don’t have to rush to have anything completed.
Image result for cleaning

10. The Jeremy Kyle Show
I mainly watch this for Jeremy Kyle rather than the “stories” themselves bc he’s British and anyone I like anyone with a British accent. But sometimes, just sometimes, the stories are so hilariously stupid you HAVE to keep watching.
Image result for the jeremy kyle show

I used the word constantly way too much in this post.

What’s your guilty pleasure?


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