My Travel Plans For 2017

Traveling, for a very long time, has been something that I’ve wanted to do. I want to travel to all types of the world. I want to see and explore everywhere I can. Sometimes I wish I had unlimited money so I could just go travelling everywhere, everyday.

This year I finally have some travel plans going down, hopefully I can get a few more trips in somewhere this year.

The trips I currently have down are;

Birthday weekend
My sister and I’s birthdays are a mere six days apart so this year we’re going on a mini holiday type thing for our birthday’s. I’m going to see Cirque Du Soleil with my best friend in Melbourne and my mum and sister are planning a day of their own.

Little Mix
Late last year I bought two tickets to Little Mix for my best friend and I. In July I plan on travelling to Melbourne for a few days, the week of the concert. This plan hasn’t yet been finalized but hopefully everything will be set in stone by the end of March.

VidCon Aus
This isn’t anywhere near being set in stone, but I’m hoping to be in Melbourne at the time of VidCon. I would really like to attend a VidCon convention and see that they now have the convention in more locations (Melbourne being one of them), hopefully this trip will go town to plan!

There are still a few more travel plans I’d like to make this year, nothing that’s around a set date or event, just trips I’d like to go on. But in saying that these could happened any time and probably won’t happen until next year.

However, there is one trip I would like to go on at the end of this year, that falls into the beginning of next year.

I would love to go on a road trip beginning in mid/late November and continuing through December and January and finishing in mid/late February. However this might not go to plan because those months are Summer in Australia and road tripping in a black car isn’t smart.

Speaking of seasons, I would love to do a 3 month long road trip in Winter sometime within the next 5 years.

Anyways, so those are my current travel plans for 2017. Do you guys have any travel plans for this year?



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