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This week’s blog challenge prompt was “well, someone had to say it”. But I had no idea whatsoever what to write about that related to this post. So I’m gonna do a tag instead!

This isn’t actually a tag, it’s a set of questions I found on Tumblr and thought the questions were interesting, so I’m going to answer them in a blog posts!

You can view the original post here!

Spotify, soundcloud, or Pandora?
Spotify! I just recently bought premium and omg, I don’t know how I survived before I got Spotify.

Is your room messy or clean?
Clean. Always clean.

What color are your eyes?
Blue-ish, grey-ish.

Do you like your name? Why?
Eh, I don’t necessarily like it, but I don’t hate it either. I don’t like the nickname my name comes with (if that makes sense).

What is your relationship status?
Single as a mofo.

Describe your personality in 3 words?
Over-thinking wanderer.

Is that counted as three words or two?

What colour hair do you have?

What kind of car do you drive? Colour?
Holden Astra, black.

Where do you shop?
Mostly online tbh, so like everywhere.

How would you describe your style?
Affordable. But if I could afford the clothes I like, I’d probably say bohemian/artsy/casual/Aria from PLL.

Favourite social media account?
That I have? Probably Tumblr, or Pinterest.

What size bed do you have?

Any siblings?
Yes, one.

If you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? Why?
France. From what I’ve seen in pictures, movies, tv shows and more it looks like such an incredible place to live. The architecture is absolutely incredibly and everyone in France is incredibly nice. I also adore their language.

Or New York..

Favourite snapchat filter?
This one.
2016-04-10 021.JPG

Favourite makeup brand(s)
I don’t use make up often, but from what I own, Essence lipsticks are awesome. But I have different favourites for each different product (foundation, concealer, lipstick, etc).

Still not a fan of the whole make up thing tbh.

How many times a week do you shower?
Uhh, everyday. Sometimes twice a day.

Favourite tv show?
At the moment, Dexter.

Shoe size?
8, 9 or 9 1/2, depending on the type and brand.

How tall are you?
154cm. I’m short, I know.

Sandals or sneakers?
Converse or uggs.

Do you go to the gym?
No. I used to go, but there’s only one gym where I live and it got sold. And the new owners are assholes, and they’re never there to actually open the gym. Now I have a treadmill so I can exercise at home (when I can’t go for walks outside)!

Describe your dream date?
I’m an easy pleased person. Just take me for a walk around a beautiful park or neighbourhood. Or hiking. I enjoy talking, and the outdoors. I’m not a huge restaurant person either.

How much money do you have in your wallet at the moment?
Like $105.

What colour socks are you wearing?
Grey and coral.

How many pillows do you sleep with?
None, but I have 4 on my bed.

Do you have a job? What do you do?
Yes. I work at my local supermarket packing fruit, vegetables and other produce.

How many friends do you have?

What’s the worst thing you have ever done?
I’ve done some “bad” things but I wouldn’t say they’re so bad for me to have a list.

What’s your favourite candle scent?
Vanilla. I’ve never had any fancy candle scents lol. I’ve never smelt any Bath & Body Works ones. I wish they shipped to Australia so I could buy some.

3 favourite boy names?
Keeping them a secret!

3 favourite girl names?
Same as above.

Favourite actor?
Heath Ledger, Matthew Grey Gubler, Shemar Moore, Anthony Hopkins, Ian Somerhalder, Joel Kinnaman, Robin Williams, John Karna, Richard Belzer, I could go on forever.

Favourite actress?
Selena Gomez, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Nina Dobrev, Kat Graham, Angelina Jolie, Margot Robbie, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Bex Taylor-Klaus, I could also go on forever.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Selena Gomez.

Favourite movie?
Silence Of The Lambs, Ratatouille, Footloose (2011), The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Do you read a lot? What’s your favourite book?
I don’t read as much as I’d like too.But I have way too many to only list one.

Money or brains?
Brains. I’d rather have a fulfilling conversation with someone about anything and everything than go to a fancy restaurant for every meal.

Do you have a nickname? What is it?
I don’t. Well not really.

How many times have you been to the hospital?
In the last year, once, for my sister. None for myself.

Top 10 favourite songs
Same as books, there’s way too many to only list 10.

Do you take any medications daily?
Only vitamins.

What is your skin type? (oily, dry, etc)
In Summer drier than a desert. In Winter, still dry, but sometimes it gets oily.

What is your biggest fear?
Spiders, clowns, vomit, not being able to have kids.

How many kids do you want?
Between 3-6.

What’s your go to hairstyle?
Up in a bun or ponytail. I’m not a big fan of doing my hair. I also hate my hair.

What type of house do you live in? (big, small, etc)
Medium? It’s an average size house for the town I live in.

Who is your role model?
I have so many! Selena Gomez, Tanya Burr, my mum.

What was the last compliment you received?
“I love your hair.”

What was the last text you sent?
“If only I could sleep.”

How old were you when you found out Santa wasn’t real?
Like 7 or 8.

What is your dream car?
For now, VW Golf or Mazda Neo. That’ll probably change in a few years.

Opinion on smoking?
Hate everything about it. Cannot stand people who smoke, especially people who don’t care how it affects those around them.

Do you go to college?
No. But I’ve thought about going when I’m older and settled in my own home. Idk yet.

What is your dream job?
Writer, interior designer, tv producer or blogger. Or all four.

Would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs?
Suburbs. Rural areas suck ass.

Do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?
When I use them, yes. But usually I bring my own shampoo and conditioner bc hotels never have enough. I have too much hair lol.

Do you have freckles?

Do you smile for pictures?
I try too!

How many pictures do you have on your phone?
As of today, 171.

Have you ever peed in the woods?
Probably lmao.

Do you still watch cartoons?
Not really. I don’t mind animated movies though.

Do you prefer chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or McDonalds?
Neither. And Wendy’s in Australia is an ice-cream place.

Favourite dipping sauce?
I don’t use dipping sauce very much, but I do mash up avocado and eat it with basically everything.

What do you wear to bed?
Summer: shorts and a t-shirt (sometimes no pants bc hot),
Winter: sweats and a hoodie.

Have you ever won a spelling bee?
Never been in one.

What are your hobbies?
Writing, blogging, sleeping.

Can you draw?
Lmao, no.

Do you play an instrument?
No, I wish I could play the piano or guitar. I plan on learning both though.

What was the last concert you saw?
Reece Mastin in January of 2013. But I’m seeing Little Mix in July!

Tea or coffee?

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?
Never had either.

Do you want to get married?
Eventually yes, but as of now I’m not the biggest fan of the whole marriage thing.

What is your crush’s first and last initial?
Celebrity crush, SG

Are you going to change your last name when you get married?
If I do, yes.

What colour looks best on you?
Black lmao.

Do you miss anyone right now?

Do you sleep with your door open or closed?
Closed. How do people sleep with their door open?

Do you believe in ghosts?
It’s more of a “I’ll believe it when I see it” type of thing.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Last person you called?
My mum.

Favourite ice-cream flavour?
When I eat it, vanilla or choc mint.

Regular Oreos or golden Oreos?
I’ve never had golden Oreos.

Chocolate or rainbow sprinkles?
Rainbow, for sure. You can’t have fairy bread with chocolate sprinkles.

What shirt are you wearing?
My coral “shopping is my cardio” tee.

What is your phone background?
My lock screen is below and my home screen is one of the “live” wallpapers that come with your phone!
2017-01-28 031.PNG

Are you outgoing or shy?

Do you like it when people play with your hair?
Depends. If I haven’t washed it in like 3 days, then no. But if I’ve just washed it, yes.

Do you like your neighbours?
The people to the left, yes. The people to the right, nope. The people across from me, eh, sometimes.

Do you wash your face? At night? In the morning?
Yes, morning and night.

Have you ever been high?
Lmao, no.

Have you ever been drunk?

Last thing you ate?
An apple.

Favourite lyrics right now?
“I told you I wouldn’t call, I told you I wouldn’t care. But baby climbing the walls gets me nowhere. I don’t think that I can take this bed getting any colder.”

Or “I can’t stop. Don’t care if I lose. Baby these wounds are self inflicted.”

Summer or Winter?
Winter, 100%.

Day or night?
I really like being awake between 4am and 9am.

Dark, milk, or white chocolate?
Milk, although I hardly eat chocolate anymore.

Favourite month?
September, idek why. Maybe because It’s the first month of Spring so all the flowers start blooming and trees get their leaves back.

My favourite month would be October, bc Halloween but Halloween falls in Spring where I live so it’s all pink and floral, and that kinds ruins the whole scary type deal.

What is your zodiac sign?

Who was the last person you cried in front of?
I don’t cry in front of people.

Are there any tags you would like to see me do in the future?

Be sure to check out the other tags I’ve done (here) in case I’ve already done the one you’re looking for!



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