Not Every Action Needs A Reaction

This week’s blog challenge prompt is to talk about a life lesson that I’ve learned. So I thought I’d talk about something that I’ve learned within the last year and a half.

I’ve learnt, that not every action deserves a reaction.

When I left school in October of 2015 I was almost instantly excluded from anything I was ever apart of during my time at high school. None of my ‘friends’ attempted to talk to me, ever. I was no longer ‘in the now’. I was completely isolated from everything I’d ever known (for the last 10 years anyways).

I was mad. I was confused. Were they excluding me, or was this what I deserved for leaving school? I would constantly be looking at people’s Facebook status’ and Instagram photos. I would constantly put myself down for not being social and not being “included” in what I thought was my friend group.

At first I cared. I was sad, angry, frustrated that no one tried to communicate with me when I left. I never told anyone that I was leaving. And when I did, I never told people why. Nobody cared, and that made me incredibly mad. Until I realized that it didn’t matter. They didn’t care, so why should I? Why should I waste my time on people who don’t care? So I simply stopped associating myself the people I thought were my friends. I deleted my Facebook. I unfollowed everyone on Instagram. I simply stopped caring about people who didn’t care about me.

Then everyone noticed and kept trying to ask me where I was, how I was doing and why I wasn’t talking to anyone. At first I wanted to reply. To tell them I did, I tried, over and over, but everyone ignored me. But I didn’t. I kept my mouth shut. Because not every action deserves a reaction.

It clicked. Everything, all at once. It was like an instant flashback. My mind went through every scenario and situation in my entire high school life where I reacted to something when I didn’t have too. When it didn’t deserve a reaction. When people didn’t deserve a reaction.

My life would have turned out so, so very different if I hadn’t reacted to certain things back then. But I’m grateful for my past and my experiences. I’m grateful that I got to learn all of this.

So now I stick to this quote everywhere I go. It’s stuck in my brain. It’s glued to me. It’s something I’m so incredibly happy I learnt.

Life is so much better when sometimes you just don’t react.

Is there a life lesson that has stuck with you?


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